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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Today was my first experience of old fashioned medicine!!
OK , so I may have done my radiography training in a coushy city hospital, but I thought that anaesthetic is generally a given, especially during the removal of a toenail!
It all started last night when we decided to move the lounge, I was pulling & Dave pushing it - well it was just too heavy & since the tiles in this house are old & will hopefully be replaced in the next year or so we decided that we would just slide it. Fine, except that Dave pushed it & somehow it caught on my toenail - well let's just say the nail ended up at 90 degrees to my toe, so this morning we thought we had better head off to the hospital to see what could be done about removing it as it was very painful.
When the doctor came in, he had a look & then asked Dave if he would faint if he stayed in .... no! We actually thought he was joking when he placed Dave next to my leg & told him to hold on !( ok my opinion is a little bit of local anaesthetic never hurts - especially in these circumstances.)
So Dave held & the dr pulled & the nurse ( who couldn't look) held my hand & I grit my teeth & squeezed the nurses hand & cried because it hurt like dikkins...
Well I still have a toe - with no toenail & at least the dr was nice enough to say I should probably put it up for a couple of days (like that's going to happen) & give me some panadeine forte & panadol to bring home.
Well it wasn't quite mixing herbs or funny chants ....


Aunty Sel said...

Can't believe you hurt your poor big toe again!!! Have you something against it?
Hope it doesn't hurt too much, there's nothing like some panadeine forte to help a sore toe.
Stay safe, give all the kiddies a hug for me,
Aunty Sel

Grandma said...

My poor little Narn!!!!! Why oh why didn't he give you anaesthetic??? How primitive??? Looks like David will have to pamper you for a few days after that one!! Are you off on compo? Anyway, you better look after your poor toes. Was it your dodgy toe nail or the other foot??? Look after your self. Lots and lots of love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ps I think you're trying to go to extremes to keep the blog spot from becoming boring - what with the scariest day of your life (or was the hospital one the new scariest?).
pss Aunty Lorraine couldn't believe that you put a photo of poor old dead Mitzy on your blog. (The last photo in the Mitzy poem.) I told her that I think Mitzy was just rolling on her back, but it had been my first thought too!!!! xxxxxxxxx

Wally said...

Poor Narn, We all feel the pain too. I think nails grow back.

Aunty C said...

and that, my dear, is why podiatrists (who are taight how to give anaesthetics) are very good people to have around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (As I will be taught how to do just that)

Phil & Christine said...

Hi David and Renata,
This is Lisa, I am just showing Mum and Dad how to post a comment. I know how it feels getting a nail ripped...ouch. I hope it heals nicely for you and at least they grow back for you.
Other then that I hope that everyone is well.
I hear that David is going to put lights on the tractor so he can work at night (i had a vision of him powing across the ground at midnight....lol, i know small things amuse). Anyway had better get going, talk to you soon.
Mum and Dad say hello also.
Mum says "love you all and keep well, it was great chating to you last night and all the plans that you have for the farm." big kiss and cuddle XXOO to all the grand children.

Anonymous said...

Hi Renata
OUCH!!! That looks painfully, I can feel the toe throbing from here. How many times have you kicked it since the accident?
love S,K,S & C

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