Auskick mum!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

I am now a sideline mum!!! Zai signed up for Auskick today & it is so cute seeing all these 5 year olds running around the field after the ball & attempting to throw or kick it - there were even three boys who were so "into" the game they were playing leapfrog at the end of the field instead of watching the ball!!
This is my first endevour into the sideline parenting world & so far it has involved lots of standing around talking & then pretending I saw every moment of glory that occured on field ( I try to never lie, so some of my answers may have been vague!) Guess with 4 kids I will get used to it! ( also have to start watching AFL so I understand what on earth is meant to happen!!!)
Zai showing off his kicking style!


Grandma said...

Hey Zai, that was great to see the piccies of you with your football. You just wait til I get down there and start cheering for you on the sideline. I think AFL is much more interesting to watch than Rugby League, so I'm very happy to hear that you're playing it!!! Good on you! I hope you have lots and lots and lots of fun playing footy (and going to school and being a farm boy and going to church and all the things you do!!)
Lots and lots and lots of love from Grandma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Grandad said...

Congratulations Zai. Keep up the practice.

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