My new babies!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Here is Nita with our new babies! These are bobby calves & are on milk feed 3 times a day as they are only approximately 1 week old. They are just the cutest and love to suck on our fingers & follow us everywhere (esp Nita & I as we do the feeds). We put them in with lamby-poo & now they are all best friends! It is certainly a petting farm at the moment here. (Just need to get my chickens & vege patch & I will be happy.)
Lamby-poo with Whitey (named by Zai)

Billy & Hiccup Boy (named by Ellie)


Wally said...

Good to see Janita and her friends.

Grandma said...

The lil aunty looks like a real farm girl - is she singing county songs and yodelling yet???? (Sorry Nity!!!) The family certainly is expanding isn't it?? Does that mean Zai's credibility at school has improved (you remember when poor Zai only had 1 dog and some dead sheep on his farm and everyone else had heaps)??? Lots of love and hugs (to the people- not the animials!)

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