Thursday, April 3, 2008

This is Nita's new pet!!
So mum & dad - hope you have somewhere to keep him!!(just kidding)!
She went for a drive with our neighbours & had never seen a "black" sheep before & low & behold half an hour after dropping her off they turn up with a black potty lamb for Nit!!
Later I arrived home from a preschool meeting & guess what - another one was in the pens! - guess black lambs are not very popular for farmers!
Well Nit named hers Cocoa & I (yes I actually got in a name before Zai, although he still wants to rename it) named mine Hot Chocolate!
N.B. on the other babies - they are learning to drink from a bucket & have taken to it very well!!!

P.S. I'm definetely a cows girl at heart - they are just sooooooooo cute!!!


Grandma said...

Nity has a little lamb,
little lamb,
little lamb,
Nity has a little lamb,
It's fleece was brown like cocoa...
(Song courtesy of Aunty Sel...)

Grandma said...

Well, Nity, will your little cocoa fit into a Qantas dog box or cat one??? Do you think Racky will like him? He's very cute, just like his new mummy!!! give all the littlies a big hug (the [people one) Lots of love & Kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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