The scariest moment of my life!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

No this is not an exaturated!!

Nita just got her learners permit the week before coming on her holiday to see us, so logic says "wouldn't it be great to give her a chance to learn to drive around all the lanes & paddocks around here!"

Well she's had a fair go on our paddocks & driveway, so when we were going on a dirt lane, I thought I would let her have a go!

First direction......perfect

Back to start......perfect

"well I'll just let her drive on the main road back to our driveway (probably only 2 klms)" I thought.

All was going well until she had to turn onto the main road. Unbeknown to me when I had this crazy thought there was a slight crest to the right ( the direction we were turning), however there was enough visibility for the turn so we went ahead!

Lesson 1: learners often oversteer: Unfortunately this is exactly what Nita did, so we found ourselves on the wrong ( right) side of the road meanwhile coming closer & closer to the crest (which by the way is 100km per hour & there are A LOT of trucks on this road). .....well we survived that experience.

Lesson 2: it feels very fast when a learner is doing 80 km/hr: VERY, VERY fast!

Lesson 3: learners often cannot gauge how fast to take a turn: she was concentrating so much on missing the gutter, that she had too turn too hard for the speed we were travelling, so just as I saw the letterbox & boundary fence coming towards us I yelled "brake, brake" - thankfully Nita has great reflexes!

Well I think she can stay on the driveway for a bit longer!


grandma said...

Now you know why parents have to get lots of hair dye during times of driving lessons. Malcolm will be getting a call, and taking Nity out quite a few times before I will. Hope the letterbox etc survived okay, and i'm glad you all did. vandals smashed our windscreen last night, and another car opposite. They had a trashing spree from Moolooloobah to someplace near nambour. Insurance organized a replacement screen very quickly. (sorry for putting that on your blog. you can leave this one out if you like,
Lots of love
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wally said...

Janita, We all have moments when learning to drive. I am glad you all came through it safely.

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