The texta incident!

Monday, April 7, 2008

This morning we had an incident not dissimilair to the ad on TV where the little girl draws all over the baby in the car & is then moved to the back seat so she can't draw on him anymore ( think it goes like that)...
Well I think I need a train...

Guess which little miss will be riding in the caboose!!!

P.S. notice the eyeshadow on them- She came & said that she had done their make up - she may need some lessons before she's 14!


Aunty C said...

Hye, would think that you would be used to that kind of eyemakeup - you did grow up in the 80s and 90s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They kind of match the music that I am listening too - DR WHO!!!

Aunty Sel said...

What a gorgous set of kiddies!!
Grandad says 'those poor boys, they have to live with that little girl!!'
It should be fun at bath time trying to get that off!
Too bad she didn't do Nita's 'make-up'.
Have fun,
love you all,
Aunty Sel

Kate said...

tee hee :) :) :)

Grandma said...

Grandad said "That's why God sent twins - to keep up with Elly"
They all certainly look very colorful and happy with themselves!
Lots of love

Renata said...

Just to let you know Miss Corina, that the crazy eye makeup is from the 80's & I was only 10 when it became the 90's!- so I never wore any makeup!
I think kids these days wear crazier makeup than in my day!!!

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