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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Do you remember when you were a kid & you used to cut all your toys hairs while playing hairdresser - well I had a notorious reputation. ( Not sure if EJ has forgiven me yet for cutting her favourite barbie's hair.) I cut dolls hair into all kinds of styles, soft toy fur & even a lions tail.
Well I'm sure my family will be glad to know that all that cutting put me in good practise - 4 haircuts today & no complaints (OK the twins are too young to complain, Ellie is just glad to have a bob like Nita & I had Dave sign an indemnity form saying I am not responsible for the end product).
Yes I did cut my hand, but not an ear this time (sorry Zai for that slip last year!)

The haircut is not responsible for the receeding hairline.

Jud was such a good boy while his hair was cut - until the end when Eli stole all his sultanas.
Eli's hair was cut while he was hopping on & off the chair, running round & climbing up & down the stair ( the fact that he didn't loose an ear, eye or nose is only just short of a miracle!)
Here is Ellie's special bob, so she can look like Nita - OK it was meant to be just short of the shoulders, but unfortunately one slip of the scissors & it became a much shorter style - at least it will grow!


Kate said...

Oh she looks GORGEOUS!! As mum to a RBD also (Recently Bobbed Daughter) I just love it...they look so cute! I would have got Cass's done shorter if she had more actual hair :) :) but I think we better wait till it thickens up a bit! Ellie you look so cute I think I will have to come down and take your photos ;) xo

Renata said...

I would love you to come & take photos anytime Kate! I do think bobs are just soooo cute & they must be the in thing at the moment for the youngsters!

EJ said...

How Gorgeous!! What a very cute neice and nephews (and bro-in-law???) i have! Good job and i'm sorry, but i still remember sparkle-eyes barbie and that fateful day where she herself got a much shorter 'doo'... hmmmm... xo

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