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Monday, April 28, 2008

Today I got some new boots. McLeods Daughters dedicated a whole episode to Tess getting new boots, so I thought that a blog is minor in comparison. (Dave just said " you're a strange girl")

I have been wearing my crocs around the farm, however yesterday a cold change came & my poor feet (still minus toenail) were shivering in them, so today Dave sent me to town with the instructions to not return until I had purchased myself some boots ( unlike most females I HATE shoe shopping, so he had to make himself clear). - OK I do however love shopping for books & since the shoe shop is next to the Christian bookshop, well I may have splurged there!

With all the km's these boots will walk, they sure won't stay this nice looking, however I'm sure I will wear them until they fall to pieces - then I guess I'll have to brave the shoe shop again AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


Mum (aka Grandma) said...

Wow, you gonna be a cowgirl now too???
Sel commented that you are very strange compared to the rest of your sisters, as they all, and Moo loves them so much she's even studying podiatry. (Speaking of Moo, I had to get her to perform minor surgery on my foot this afternoon. She was so excited that she almost bounded out of her skin when I asked her to have a look. Sel broke a glass on weekend, and of course a piece found my little tootsie today. Dad performed the first surgery, but wasn't successful, as Moo had hidden Sel's dissection kit! Don't tell Dad, but Moo made a better surgeon!!!)
Anyway, your boots look good. I imagine you'll get a lot of kilometres out of what else did you get when you went on that little shopping excursion??? Anything interesting????
Take care & happy walking and tramping in those nice boots!!!
Lots of love Mumxxxxxxxxx

Kate said...

sexy baby :)

Renata said...

Well mum - I got " The last sin eater" by Francine Rivers - & yes babies I will pass it on when I am finished. I also got a new printer, which isn't very exciting, but you did ask what I got Oh & lots of groceries.
Kate - unfortunately the hundred layers of clothes that I wear takes away from the whole sexy look!

Anonymous said...

Hey Renata, great boots! You'll have them broken in and filthy in no time.
Lots of love

corina said...

At least you could find shoes that fit - whenever I go into a shoe shop there are never any in my size - and I love getting new shoes. Anyway, I think that buying a book was very responsible (as that is usually what I end up buying if I am spending money - which isn't all that often, although I too, have to buy some new shoes - which I cannot find no matter how many shops I look in)

Anonymous said...

Nice boots Renata! Kylie told me about your blog today and it's wonderful to see how your family has grown and hear your funny stories. Hello from everyone at work. Katie keeps asking if I've heard from you and now I can tell her I know all about what you're up to. He he.
Take care and love to all, Sandra K

Renata said...

Good to hear from you Sandra. Please say hello from me to everyone at work & I would love them to read my blog if they're interested - & please leave comments!

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