An alphabet tag!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Leanne has tagged me & it looks like a lot of fun, so here goes.....

A: Attached or single? Definitely attached - married for almost 9 years now!

B:Best friends? Well I'll have to say my hubby & then my mum & sisters.

C:Cake or Pie? Cake, definitely cake & the chocolatier (is that a word?) the better. Although if icecream cake counts - then I choose that!!

D:Day of choice? Sunday, because Dave & Zai are at home & we go to church & we always try to limit our work to just caring for the animals, so sometimes I get a rest in the afternoon!! We spend the day as a family!

E:Essential item? My bible. It just is full of wisdom & I lean on it to get through my day!

F:Favourite colour? Pink (or as my grandad always said "pink, pink, makes the boys wink" - and then he'd wink at me - one of my favourite memories of holidays at their place when I was a child!)

G:Gummy bears or worms? I would have to say worms - if they are the sour kind. I don't really like many of the softer lollies (would prefer chocolate), but I do like sour worms!!

H:Hometown? Well this is too much info for the internet, but I will say I wasn't born in Australia (although both my parents were & they were only on a working holiday when I was born!!)

I:Favourite indulgence? A mars bar & a good book!!!

J:January or July? January - I love summer & everything that goes with that (swimming, bbq's, etc)

K:Kids? As you can tell I have 4 gorgous children!

L:Life isn't complete without....? My family!

M: Marriage date? Once again too much info for the internet, but I will tell you it was 3 weeks after I finished university & I was only 20!! (We were high school sweethearts)

N:Number of brothers & sisters? I have 4 little sisters - that's right, I'm the eldest of 5 girls!

O:Oranges or apples? Apples - I have always loved apples (had one every day) & now Zai loves them as well - it must be genetic!

P:Phobias? I don't like to touch dead animals (is that a phobia?)!

Q:Quotes: Well I have lots that I enjoy, but one that made me laugh recently is an old Chinese Proverb: "it is not economical to go to bed early to save the candles if the result is twins" !!

R:Reason to smile? My gorgous children make me laugh, cry & definitely smile!!

S:Season? Summer!!

T:Tag 5 People: I'll just tag everyone on my blogroll!!

U: Unknown facts: I love big families (wait you may already know that!!)

V:Veggie? My favourite is sweet potato, although I also love mushrooms - especially roasted YUM!

W: Worst habit: Sadly I stay up much too late every night (OK usually til 10:30, but that's late for me) & then I end up grumpy in the morning until I have my coffee, then I can survive the day!!

X: X-ray or Ultrasound? Being a radiographer, I should say X-rays, but I love having ultrasounds as they are just so relaxing (in fact when I was working, the sonography students used to do abdominal u/s 's on me for their exam!!) I do however love giving CT scans & I enjoy theatre work (which both include x-rays) - because you get to work in a great team to help someone get better!

Y:Your favourite food? Icecream!!! (Even in winter!)

Z:Zinc or sunscreen? Definitely sunscreen. I haven't worn zinc since I was a child, & only then when I was made to!

( Note: the photo is of Eli & myself when he was only 9 months old - I really haven't got any photos of myself since we moved here - I always take them!!)


Jenny (Grandma) said...

I'd forgotten you were a northern hemisphere baby!!!!! Your alphabet tag was interesting (not too many surprises there!!!) Dad & I just came home from Jim F's 90th birthday party. What an amazing man of God! We felt very honored to be invited - he's a real example of being available to God, and still being used to bless people. I know we thank the Lord for him! (You don't have to put this on your blog, but by the time I check my email, I'll probably have forgotten to tell you.
Lots of love Mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Heather said...

How fun! I'll try to post my answers today, before the big garage sale. I'm already tired, and it hasn't even started yet.

I really like the picture of you and Eli. My first thought was, "She's so pretty!"

We have lots in common, and even though we live gazillions of miles away from each other, I really feel like if we met, we would just sit down and talk for hours like we'd known each other forever.

It's so funny to read that you like January because it's summer. January here means blizzards and ice storms!

Jill Savage said...


Since you visit me on my blog, I thought I'd come over and visit you! Your answers to the questions you posted are great and definitely help me to know you better!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you remember your experience of ultrasound so fondly! Thanks for all the times you missed lunch. You are still missed and remembered well at work, which just shows how great you are!

Kate said...

10.30pm??!! you go you wild thing!! :p :p Okay I'm really just jealous because you're smart and I'm not and stay up to the am's. xo

Saminda said...

I enjoyed reading through this Renata! Great to learn more about you..... and funny, we too have lots in common! Blogs are sure a great way of getting to know lots of little things about people. I'll try to find time to do the A-Z sometime this week.... life with a newborn is interesting for that, especially when you have bigger children to care for, hey?!

Totallyscrappy said...

I love alphabet lists. Your quote brings a chuckle!

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