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Monday, June 23, 2008

I have loved Jane Austen books for a long time (since I was at least 15!) and so when I saw this quiz I just couldn't resist having a go!! (I also thought of my sisters who would love it!!)
I thought maybe I would be like Elizabeth Bennett - of Pride & Prejudice (my favourite of her books) or one of those other beautiful, romantic, whimsical creatures she writes about!
So I took the quiz - & I got Elinor Dashwood - that's right, boring, unexciting, reliable, practical, sensible Elinor Dashwood!
Since I thought, maybe I had put in something wrong (no I didn't lie), I took the quiz again - Guess What - Elinor Dashwood again!
And Again!
So I asked Dave if he thought this could be correct - you know was I practical, sensible, reliable etc- He just laughed & said it sounded just about right!!
So if I'm most like Elinor Dashwood - then I'm wondering which of my sisters is like Marianne Dashwood??? - go on, take the quiz!


Heather said...

I love Elinor...it's good to be sensible and reliable! Plus, she's a great sister. Who wouldn't want a sister like her?

I'm a Lizzy, which is no surprise to anyone. My husband always says that I'm a spitfire! I'm pretty sure he means that in a good way.

Saminda said...

haha, that is funny Renata :) To take the quiz again and again and still get Eleanor.......... :) :)
I actually really like her! True, Elizabeth Bennet really stands out as a beautiful, lovable, intellegent creature (my favourite one too).... but Eleanor has something special about her I think. Multiple levels perhaps? A deep inner charm? Nothing wrong with being practical, circumspect, reliable....
Fun quiz, anyhow!! I'll be interested to see how your sisters go. :) I'm definately going to watch S and S again this week.

Aunty Sel said...

Maybe they just have one answer for them all...
cos I got Elinor Dashwood as well and I don't think it's correct..do you??
Anyway, its hard to answer questions about yourself.
By the way, I got sent home from work sick again today...this is a nasty illness.

Renata said...

Well Sel - it wasn't you who I was thinking is most like Marianne anyway!! It was ______! (better not say as I don't know her mood, although I don't actually think she reads this blog very much!!

Nita said...

Hi narn,
Wow, Im Catherine Moreland from Northanger Abbey, which I am afraid is way too accurate ;-). Just because I read too much and live in my own little world and mum called me a bimbo!!! Elinor is wayyyy too right for you and sel...hmmm who could you mean by Marianne??????????????
Love Nita xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The beautiful corina said...

Well Narn,
I came up with two different results - Marianne Dashwood (which we came to the conclusion that I so totally am not!!!!! - EJ is more deserving of that) and then I was Catherine Moorland - and Nita told me I couldn't be her cause she was. I think sel is sooooo much more Elinor Dashwood than you - although you are a little bit like her.
Luv Corina

Grandma said...

Well, Narn, guess whose little sisters have been very busy on the computer this afternoon?????????? And guess what they've been doing???????????? I imagine you've already seen their results. I'm not sure if the amazingly....etc Corina let you know that she did the test on your behalf again and came up with Elinor too!!!
Apparently I'm the grumpy old match making mother of five daughters, although Nita reckons I'm not doing a good job of match-making or ensuring the daughters all have beautiful clothing!!! Ahh, well, such is life!!! (No I didn't do the quiz - I may see myself differently from what the gals do...even oldies can be romantic, day dreamy etc etc etc.
Yeah, I thought you were pretty sensible and reliable etc...not bad qualities. Give em all a hug from me Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kimmie said...

I'm an Elinor too!

That is a little funny, but hey maybe its true?

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Kylie said...

An Eleanor here too. I must admit that I haven't read any of the Jane Austen books but love the movies especially Sense and Sensability and of course Emma.
Miss you all. Love Kylie

Anonymous said...

Hey Narta,

Just love the Blog!!! I cant believe how big the kids all are!

Now I just love Elinor and thought that I would join that club but apparently I am a Lizzy.... Shall have to check with dear husband now that he has sat through all of the Jane Austen DVD's I have :-)


BoufMom9 said...

Hi! Thanks for your lovely coment on my blog. I will add your blog to my blogroll and come back to visit often! I LOVE meeting new people! :)
Your children are just beautiful!

I did this quiz a while back and thought for sure I would be Elizabeth Bennet, but instead I was Anne Elliot.

Saminda said...

I was interested in what would happen if I did the quiz again.... I re-did it 4 times, giving various different (but still accurate) answers, and guess what? I came up as Elinor every single time!! MUST be true. :)

Hope you've had a great day!

Kate said...

how do you find this stuff Nata? I am Emma Woodhouse...not sure if thats good or bad :P :P

Mum-me said...

I have loved Jane Austen's books since they were introduced to me in year 11 (I was 15 then too!) and I have also taken this quiz. I was pleased to find that I am 'Anne Elliot' because I always liked 'Persuasion' best. I think I am very much like her too.

Elinor is great too. I would prefer to be Elinor than Marianne. Even Elizabeth Bennet can't compare to Elinor or Anne Elliot because they knew their hearts and minds whereas Elizabeth nearly sacrificed her chance at happiness because she didn't know hers well enough.

And here ends the lecture.

Nice to 'meet' you. I am glad to find another Christian Aussie blogger too!

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