Saturday, June 14, 2008

This is our newest family member!!
Now I'm not a cat person - in fact I really don't like cats, but my children have wanted one for years & years & we've been putting them off & finally we said "when we move to our farm we'll get a farm cat"- OK I may not like cats, but I really hate mice in my house! Our neighbour was giving away kittens & there were some gorgous white ones, so we told the kids we would get one. They asked me "How will we know which one we should have?" & I said "the one that comes over to you when we get there" (OK it's not a scientific method, but that's how I've always chosen my animal from a group)!
Now Zai had heard that there was one ginger one in the group & he really wanted that one, so he had been praying for it to walk over to us - well let's just say God answered his prayers, so instead of a gorgous white fluffy cat, we have a ginger one (OK it's still very cute with such beautiful blue eyes!!)

So here is "Gingy" - Dave said we had to pronounce it with a french accent "Jshingy" - like the gingerbread man in Shrek. (My husband is slightly dramatic at times!!)

He is definitely loved, but ooooh that poor, poor kitten.

BTW - he loves me & wants to be in my arms alllll the time- OK I'm already quite attached to him (I have a soft heart when it comes to animals, kids & really anything living (except mice etc)!!!!


Grandma said...

Welcome to the family Gingy!!!!! You really are a cutie - hope you're a tough cutie!!!!
I'm sure all the littlies love you heaps - judging by the expressions in the photo they do already! Hope you grow into a great mouser!!!
Lots of love and kisses to the rest of the family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bobbie-Jo said...

She's (?) very cute! I wasn't a cat person either until we got our first cat a year ago, and now they have replaced dogs in my mind!

Lis & Ant, Lance & Cathy, Nat & Noah said...

Your new Puddy Tat looks gorgeous! Great choice Zai! (Hope you have more luck with this pet than the lambs & calves!!!)
PS: Thanks for your comment - you're on top of the ball game, aren't you Narn.
PPS: We actually are leaving tomorrow, we needed a rest day first! Love to you all, Lis, Ant, Nat & Noah

Kate said...

ooooh almost as good as another baby hey Nata?? :P :P xo

Leanne said...

I feel sooo privileged that you like my blog enough to add me to your sidebar!!!! It's totally okay with me!

And your French cat is very cute!!

We make homemade pizza too....I do the dough in my bread machine. That's the only time I use my machine, besides cinnamon rolls.

I have added you to my sidebar as that okay??

Have a sunshiney day!

Leanne in Longview, America!!!!!

Kylie said...

Awwww! What a gorgeous kitty. Isaiah, how did the first night go? Did she? drink her milk and eat her food? Where did Gingy sleep?
Love you all heaps
S,K,S&C xxxxxx

Heather said...

Awww...I have a weakness for ginger kitties, which is why we now have Pumpkin!

Gingy is so precious, and will be a terrific pet for the kids. I always had cats growing up, and I remember having great fun with them. When I was about Zai's age, I had long braids. I used to sit sideways in our big living room chair and read, with my braids dangling over the arm. Our cat would pounce on my braids, swing from them, and then run like crazy into the kitchen!

Renata said...

When we got him I thought of your "Pumpkin" - I wanted to call him pumpkin 2 but I was outvoted!!

Duckygirl said...

Kitty cats are so cute! I'll just adore them from afar for now though, I'm just not ready to have kids keep me busy enough ;P

Your homemade pizza looks yummy!!!


Kimmie said...

How cute, God brought us a 3 week old kitten last September. He is quite a big boy now. (He had been abandoned and my mum brought him to me!)
We love our Tobin, he has been my 'hairy-son' as we await on our adoption. Strange, yes...but when your arms ache for a baby...well, even bottle feeding a tiny kitten will bring such joy.

Your new hairy-baby ;-)is beautiful. I think it is wonderful to kids to have animals-your children are blessed!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

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