My handsome little pilot!! **Updated**

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today the school had a fundraiser for the Royal Flying Doctor Service & the kids had to dress up as something related to it. Unfortunately, they only informed the parents of this yesterday afternoon in the newsletter - thankfully I actually read it unlike some of my friends who didn't know about it.
Of course Zai wanted to be a pilot even though I tried to convince him a patient was the way to go ( bandages & lipstick take 2 minutes)- with his genetics I should have expected no less!!
I've never tied a tie before, so after 2 attempts (& we were running fairly late) this had to do (times like this when I need grandad down the road!!)
He is the cutest pilot I've ever seen complete with another lost tooth - up the top this time!!

Eli looks up to his big brother in every way!!

**UPDATED** He won a prize for his costume!!!


Kylie said...

How handsome! He looks so grown up. And another tooth missing!!

Grandma said...

Whoa Zai, you sure do look handsome!!! And Eli looks so gorgeous with you!!! It sure looks like you're going to lose another top tooth pretty soon!! Hope you had a fun day being a flying doctor pilot!!!
Lots of love from Grandma

Bobbie-Jo said...

He IS a handsome little (oops - I meant big!) guy!

Love the missing tooth :)

Phil & Christine said...

Brings back memories about davids unforms one with McCaffertys, and air league.Chip off the old block. Isaiah does look handsome, just like his father.

Saminda said...

He is gorgeous! Your little Zai just looks like he has the sweetest temperament. :)
Saraya's top 2 teeth are wiggly... I know she's going to look so different once they fall out! Don't they grow up too fast?

Grandma said...

Congrats Zai & Mum on winning a prize!!! Lots of love Grandmaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Corina said...

Hey Zai, my what a handsome boy you are...must take after your auntie nita, who is the most amazingly beautiful fantastic intellegent person on earth...apart from you and Elli n the twinnies of course!!! I bet your mum is looking forward to when you start flying real planes!
Luv u lots,
corina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hehe... ;-)

Renata said...

OK Corina, What is Nita giving you??? - which book? I actually had to read this comment twice - or was it Nita who logged in as Corina????? - I know you two!!- you wouldn't compliment this way without a reason ( maybe I'll have to confiscate all books!!!)

Heather said...

What a great costume! He looks very dashing, indeed.

It's so cute the way Eli is looking up at him so adoringly!

The Imcredibly wonderful Corina (aka Aunt C) said...

Yes, well the fraudulent younger sister of mine who tries to substitute my name into her self-complimentary babble made one very vital mistake - I would never just label myself as Corina - I always have some type of description added ie Aunt C, the amazing wonderful Corina, the beautiful Corina, etc.
Yes, we do have a younger sister that lives in a world of her own - or is so desperate for compliments that she has to pretend that she is someone else to get any!!!
BTW Zai, you do look dashing in that outfit - and its sooooo cool that you've lost your top tooth - that was the first tooth I ever pulled out of my mouth by myself (and it was at school)

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