My father-in-law!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

When someone (well my FIL) says "Don't you dare put these pictures on your blog" , all I hear is "blah blah blah BLOG"! So because I love you & must stir you here goes:
Now we know who Dave takes after!

ps. He did know in saying that his fate was sealed!!!


Kylie said...

"Oh grandpa, you look really silly!!!" says Sarah.
LOL that's priceless!! Love it!!!

Grandma said...

...And Dave has had the cheek all these years to imply that 'exhibitionist' qualities came from our side of the Dave we have and your Dad...and the 'performer' gene - everyone reckoned it came from Great Grandad - but evidence proves (see photo of a few days ago) that it comes from your Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just because the girls all used to entertain you with their rendition of Phantom of the Opera and the Big Bad Girls song....we have proof that it's from your side!!!!
Anyway, enough picking on my poor son-in-law (he knows me well enough to take it the right way.) Great to see Grandpa and the littlies having so much fun together. Love to all
Grandma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ps Grandpa may get some ribbing when he comes home!!!!

Grandma said...

Zai looks sooo like his great uncle Chris at that age - similar, hair, teeth missing and smile....(only in that photo with Grandpa though)...Love Mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bobbie-Jo said...

Oh that is hilirious, Renata. BlahblahblahBLOG! Good thing he's a good sport!

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