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Thursday, August 14, 2008

* I turned around 10 mins ago just in time to hear Miss Ellie say " Mum, I'm kissing all the men!" (she was watching the mens swimming in the olympics!)
Should I be worried?
* Miss Ellie was sitting in the loungeroom drinking chocolate milk (the only person in the room) when I walked in to see some spilt on the ground. Miss Ellie said " SOMEONE must have spilt some chocolate milk." - I wonder who that someone is??


Aunty Sel said...

It must be genetic!!! We can't help watching the men's swimming!! Of course its only to cheer on the Aussies...
My favourite Hoogie is back this year and I have been so happy to see him, however I don't kiss them on the TV...
Hey Narn, glad to see your off coke, you can still have coffee but (or iced coffee) it is 'natural'.
I am currently listening to Christmas carols at work because they are on my CD's that I play when I work by myself....and they make me happy too!!
Luv to you all,
Aunty Sel

Jenn H said...

LOL, she sounds like a little character. We have that same "someone" in our house too.

Samster.com said...

Boy, "someone" sure travels fast, he tipped out an entire cup of water on our couch today and then he is spilling chocolate milk at your place the same day!!!! That "someone" gets into a lot of mischief.

Mum-me said...

Yep, someone certainly gets around. They were in our rumpus room this afternoon emptying all the toys onto the floor and then scooting up and down the hallway in the plastic boxes.

Heather said...

Hmmmm....who is this mysterious "someone?" She seems to visit our house quite regularly.

I think it's very cute that Ellie was kissing the swimmers. Don't worry, she was just kissing them for luck!

Corina the great said...

Well, well, well, I wonder what Mummy must have been up to (cause we haven't actually kissed the swimmers on TV - and she hasn't seen the aunties in oh so long
:( ).
Anywy, I sent you a photo on your family email (the one that matches the rest of ours). Can you spot any differences??????????????

Grandma said...

Oh dear!!! I can remember an aunty (her name starts with S, but I won't say who, as I wouldn't want to embarrass her) - once when asked which was her favourite sports replied 'The Men's Swimming'. She was a tad older than Ellie though (like about 21 or so). I do hope it was the Aussie men's medley guys that she was kissing, and not any from far away lands!!!!
Hey did you see our girls medley team thrash the Chinese & USA teams today!!! Yay!!!!!!!
Hope the Kenyan guy wins his final tomorrow (or at least an Aussie with the Kenyan second -- the Kenyan defeated a certain American swimmer in his heat/semi-final tonight!!! I better not say anymore or there could be war breaking out on your blog.
Anyway, make sure ellie only kisses the Aussie guys!!! OK,maybe aunty Sel would like her to kiss Hoogie from the netherlands!!!
Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ps Actually, grandmas shouldn't encourage their darling grandaughters to kiss anyone should they.!

Terri said...

TOO funny!! I love little imaginations!!

Nichole and Scott said...

So funny! Don't worry I'm sure they were either good luck kisses or congratulations you did it kisses. Very innocent either way. As for the chocolate milk. Hmmm! I'm sure that ghost will be visiting our house in no time. My daughter always screams as if she's so shocked, "Mommy, juice on the foor! OH NO GET IT!" Here I thought sippy cups were meant for preventing such things. WRONG AGAIN!

Kimmie said...

She sure-ism cute.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Aunty E said...

Ah, a niece after my own heart.. you go girl!Lol..

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