Farmyard fun! (I think!)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

These are the latest "work" added to our farmyard - OK they're really cute & cuddly (although very timid at the moment) & of course I do love having them even though it means more work! 3 male poddy dairy calves - will be steers in a couple of weeks (oh poor things!!LOL)
We thought to get some more calves as we could get them direct from the dairy farmer this time - which guarantees they've had their colostrum - extreemly important when raising these babies! We were quite surprised at the size of them - our friend who got them ( & is a vet) says the big one is at least 3 weeks old which means he's already past the critical period! (It also means it's really hard to tame him as he's too big to hold onto & wrestle when getting him to feed like I did the others - yes I was exhausted after that, but they are very confident drinking now!!!)
If you're wondering why all the additions in one week - well it just happened that way!!


Mum-me said...

3 new babies all at once!?
Extra work?!?
Neutering in a few weeks?!

Seriously, they look so cute. Your children are very lucky to be growing up so close to nature.

BoufMom9 said...

How lovely!
I just love that you have packed it all up and taken a hold of farm life like you have! How I wish i could do the same!

Cheryl Lage said...

What a precious sight! Am going to show this to my kiddos first thing tomorrow upon their waking. Moooo!

Aunty Sel said...

it's triplets!!! I told you you'd have some.
Happy days to you all,
Aunty Sel. said...

Oooohhhhh they are so cute!!!! The kids must love having so many new "friends". I might be a bit stupid (so very much not a country girl) but what's the point of male dairy cows???? I know where milk comes from and the boys aint got em!!!

Tan said...

How beautiful. I love your little lambs too. Its quite a nursery you have going there. There is nothing sweeter than baby farm animals. You are doing so well. We are missing you all so much.
Love Tan.

P.S. Fin sends a special hello to miss Ellie.

Renata said...

Samster - male dairy cows are used for meat production - they don't have as much muscle on as beef cattle, but the consumers don't even see that - still tastes good though! said...

okay, that's a little sad, you are going to eat them??? I am really not cut out for farm life. Their eyes are so beautiful, they say "dont eat me, dont eat me..." I am not a vegetarian but perhaps I should be. Went of pork after working with pigs being butchered.

Jenn H said...

They're so cute! That has got to be exhausting!!!! Hopefully the one little guy won't be so skittish after awhile.

Nita...the magnificent said...

Awwwwww, they are so cute!!! Does Whitey love them, or is he jealous of the attention you give them???
Was having triplets easier then having twins???he he...
Love you lots

Grandma said...

Hi! They're very cute - well, can Zai now hold his head up in the school yard - now that you have real farm animals????????Hope they don't run you off your feet!!
Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saminda said...

My kids really enjoy looking at the photos of all your farmyard babies! As I've said before, your little ones are lucky to be living the country life. :)(Even if it is lots of work!)

Deanna said...

awwww...they are sooo super cute!!


Aunty E said...

Wow narn.. you certainly like to beat your previous records.. first one, then twins, now triplets.. How cute!!! xoxo

love you all.. xo

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