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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Now I have some sad news to share - I am no longer able to drink coke - that's right your humble coca-cola that you can find in even the remotest part of this earth - our favourite weekend treat! (OK I know it's not sad for anyone else but myself & Mr Coca cola who will be feeling the loss of sale of 1L/ week on his pocket - NOT)
Now this isn't due to any medical condition, it's not a decision I've made, I seriously just woke up one day & had it with dinner & it tasted like bubbly chemicals & I haven't been able to drink any since! (weird huh!)

Dave doesn't think this is bad - because he gets more, however he cannot get through a 2L bottle before it goes flat ( unfortunately I had just bought 4 x 2 L bottles because of a special they had on at Woolies!).

This may not be a disaster of gigantic proportions - it won't effect the economy or anyone else...but any mother will understand how important the loss of any caffeine source is to her tired body !!!LOL

So here's a dreadful self - portrait (I thought I would try & take my own pic, but I couldn't work out how to use the timer - maybe there's a reason they give you a manual with the camera - but at least the pic is recent as I took it today - no photo shop (I don't own it - wish I did) so you get me even with the cold sore!) of a recovering coke- a- holic:

"Hi, I'm Renata & it's been a month since my last drink!"


Samster.com said...

I am sure they changed the recipe recently. Although, it could have been a bad batch, I have had some of the old flavour too so just not sure... do I sound like a coke addict????? "Hi, my name is Mummy McT and I have a coke (not that sort) addiction"

Heather said...

That's so funny, because I've been having trouble drinking Coke lately too! Not because it tastes bad or anything, but it seems to really bother my stomach. I'm convinced that I have an ulcer! Plus, I really miss the caffeine, and coffee just doesn't do it for me. *sigh* It's very depressing.

I think you look lovely in your self portrait!

Terri said...

I can tell you soft drinks was one of the hardest things for me to give up. However, I do throw in a DR Pepper every once in a while!

Deanna said...

You are such a sweetie!!!

I've been there many days with my soda..tasting like bubbling chemicals. I know exactly what you are talking about. So I take a break but end up going back to it :)

Good luck to you!!

And you are a natural beauty love the self-portriat!!!

BoufMom9 said...

I saw your title on my blog a was ready to write in giant etters in your comments section, " YOU ARE NOT BORING!!!!" LOL
Ok, so now I see what you are talking about, I get what you mean.
We gave up soad as well with our natural diet. I have tried flavored seltzer water, but EWWWWW!

So, for caffeine, do you drink coffee or tea? That is how I am surviving ;)
Seriously, I think I drink 47,000 cups of coffee a day. LOL

Kimmie said...

Hi Renata;

Cheers on giving up the coke...your portrait is cute, such pretty eyes...and flat coke makes excellent toilet bowl cleaner....pour it in, scrub, let it soak, scrub, flush. The chemicals are great as a toilet cleaner-lol!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Bobbie-Jo said...

You're not boring, you're real.

My condolances on losing the Coke. I understand. I need my coffee.every.morning.

(But I agree, Coke is tasting more chemically these days.)

Saminda said...

I totally agree, Renata...... Coke does feel like it's eating away at your teeth when you drink it! Stu loves it but I can't drink it. You'll just have to find a weekend drink replacement......

Jenn H said...

It is a sad day for a mommy to have no caffeine. I totally sympathize, haven't been able to have it for awhile between being pregnant and nursing :(

Grandma said...

Poor 'lil Narn!!!!! I'm sure you'll get by well without it! I can't say I'm too sad for you though, as I remember the effect having a glass had on you at our dinner table a couple of years ago and it alarmed me big time.
I can live quite well without coke....but coffee mmmmm.......
lots of love Mumxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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