Baby Picture Sunday!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Debi is hosting Baby Picture Sunday again & although I've missed the last couple (& have to post on a monday because of the time difference), I love the chance to go through my old pics, so I thought I would like to join in!! This weeks theme is baby's first teeth:
I had a lot of trouble finding pictures of my bubs showing their teeth - plenty of pictures, but they must hold their mouths in such a way that you rarely see any teeth. I looked through the hundreds of photos I had of Zai & this was one of the only ones showing any tooth (upper right - look closely). Sorry about the bad quality - it's a scanned picture.
Ellie has very few pictures (lots of video as we had just got our video camera when she was born) from when she was a baby so I couldn't find any of when she only had one or two teeth.
This is Jud- I know it is because I remember taking this picture of him. One thing I have trouble with is telling the boys apart in photos - I can tell them apart 99% of the time in real life, but probably only 60% in photos!
And this is definitely Eli! (once again a stetch but I don't have many of him showing any teeth either)
One interesting thing I found with my twins is they got their teeth within 24 hours of each other! (Not fun while the actual teething is taking place, but at least it wasn't spread out!)


BoufMom9 said...

Thanks so much for playing along! Great photos! So cute!
i had the same issues with mine. It was rare that you could see their teeth in pictures, esp. when they only had one or two teeth!
:) Debi
ps hint week is gummy grins! This will be easier to find. Pics of babies when they first started to smile. :) Figured I would give you a heads up because of the time difference.

Jenn H said...

Loved all the "chicklet" pics! I can't imagine trying to tell apart pics of ID twins, I was scared our twin girls would be ID and I would get them switched around all the time! Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog and yes, by all means you can add my blog to your blog roll (that is a first for me, no one else has asked before this!!) Is it alright with you if I add yours to my blog roll?

Heather said...

I love these pictures! Your babies all looked very much question that they're siblings!

The sticker exchange is definitely international. Saminda's kids are going to participate, and I hope yours will too!

Nichole and Scott said...

Wow! Australia aye? I'm so excited you stopped by my blog. Thank you! Cute pics of your little ones. I too had a hard time finding any pics that showed Nevaeh's first teeth. That and we adopted her at 9 months so we missed out on the first one or two. I hope you come again and THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY and COMMENTING TOO. Cheers!

Saminda said...

These are beautiful pics!
I can't believe how similar all four of your kids looked as babies! Yes, the twins are so, so similar - what is the defining feature(s) between them? There must be something or you could permanently confuse them I guess!!

Baby tooth pictures are adorable. :) said...

You could put all their pics together at mistake them for QUADS!!!!! They are so cute when they are getting their teeth.

Heather said...

I sent stickers and a letter today for Zai and Ellie. The postmaster said they should get it in about a week.

Also, I tagged you for a meme!

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