Raindrops on the roof!

Friday, August 22, 2008

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain on the roof - one of my favourite sounds, but one I was hoping not to hear this morning. I turned on the radio & heard the heartbreaking words " the mini olympics at _________ has been postponed until Tuesday" - & that started it - the rain in the house. Poor Zai was devestated - he had been counting down til the mini olympics for weeks (as had all the primary school - they had even been having "country meetings" in their lunch time to plan), he had been praying for fine weather & didn't understand why God didn't answer his prayers - why was it raining today when yesterday was fine & sunny? I tried to tell him that we just need to trust God - he sees the big picture, we only see our own little bit of it. He knows that the farmers need this rain for the crops to continue. I hope he understood - after half an hour of consoling I was able to get him ready & then brave the FREEZING COLD to get him to the bus (OK I drove him in the car - but I had to run out to the car & it's cold out there!)
Now I'm procrastinating on feeding the lambs - yes I know they need their warm milk today more then ever (esp with a sheep graziers warning) but I'm a sub - tropics gal - I'd rather be curled up in bed with a good book!


Samster.com said...

Hope they still get to do the mini olympics on another day! It sounds like great fun.

Kimmie said...

Yes, not the nicest day to be a farmer's wife. I can see why cuddling up with a book might try to sway you from the feeding.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Heather said...

Poor Zai. It's so hard at his age to cope with disappointments like this. Hopefully they'll reschedule soon.

Good for you all to get some rain down there though, huh?

I love your pics, as usual!

Also, rain on the roof is one of my favorite sounds too. I actually have a little machine that plays "soft rain" sounds, so that I can fall asleep.

Nichole and Scott said...

Oh how I hate to see/hear dissapointment in a little one's eyes and voice. So sad! I hope they re-schedule it soon.

I too love the sound of rain and thunderstorms. Best excuse in the world to snuggle up and cuddle with someone you love or a good book. I don't blame you for putting off feeding the lambs. They can wait a few more minutes.

BoufMom9 said...

I love te rain! Those are fantastic shots! Love the basket photo!

Poor Zai! I feel so bad for him. :(

Mum-me said...

We only had a little rain yesterday so it didn't help the dam levels much.

Hope the mini-olympics gets to happen next week.

It's hard when the little ones pray for something and the exact opposite happens (hard for the the adults too). My Dragon prayed for a little brother 4 times and he got 4 little sisters instead. And he still believes and trusts God!

Jenn H said...

Poor little Zai, its so hard to look forward to something, the day finally arrive and then it gets postponed :( I also love the sound of the rain on the roof. Mmmm, bed and a good book sounds delightful!! I just added you to my blog roll.

Kylie said...

Brrrr, it does look cold. I hope they have the mini-olympics on another day, it sounds like it would be great.
Miss you all heaps.

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