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Thursday, August 21, 2008

A month ago I introduced job lists (aka chore charts) into our household. Now I'm not a household management expert - in fact housework is definitely not my forte - it gets done, but I don't enjoy doing it. However after a near breakdown I decided to try to eliminate some disorder from my life & have implemented a lot of different things that are working quite well , but the best by far is job lists!
Now I know these have been used for many generations, but I had never really thought about using them before, but after a month of trialing - I am totally sold on them. To make your own just google 'chore chart' & there are lots of printables available. I find both Zai & Ellie now know these jobs are expected of them & I know what to ask them to do & the best bit - NO complaining or whinging!!
As I was challenged by a focus on the family radio broadcast ( I stream over the internet) " As the mum it is my responsibility to find ways that work to train my children for life". (Sorry about the picture, but I had to cut off their real names at the top of the charts!)
Can you guess who each chart belongs to?


Samster.com said...

I wish we could get reward charts to work, Lion is more an "instant reward" guy, and a shiny star on a page doesnt cut it. I would have been thrilled with a shiny star when I was little! Thanks for all your kind comments, do you find on those frustrating days that blogging eases the pain? Likewise I love your blogs, they are convincing me that I could never take to farm life:) Had the lego man not been floating in the flowers the day I had a peek I might not have come back as often, but now I have to "see what they are up to"!! (sorry, long comment)

Mum-me said...

Yes it can really make a difference can't it? We've had a chore-chart for a few years now and all the children know what is expected of them. I do have to remind them often, but because they know it's "their" job they don't complain ..... too much!

Nichole and Scott said...

I can't wait til my daughter is old enough to read and do her own chores. I have her pick up her toys with me as I sing, "It's time to put our toys away." but I often find I put more away and she stops to play with them. Congrats on your strategy and I'll have to remember that tip when it is her time.

Tabbatha Rose said...

I see the job chart going around a lot lately. My boys I are too young to start it and The girls do their chores "most" of the time.
Yayy to your little helper, I loved the pictures and I hope everyone is healthy soon!

Saminda said...

Hmmmm.... might have to try this one. I know, I hate nagging too and feel some mornings are so hard just to get S to school on time!
So glad it's working for you - and don't have a meltdown, you are doing a fabulous job with your 4 beautiful blessings!! Yes it's incredibly overwhelming (I know with 3 it is, so even more so for you with 4, plus animals!) but I'm sure the everyday exhaustion WILL get less and less as they all grow up. :) Keep smiling! (and delegating :))

Jenn H said...

I need to start one of those, Nathaniel should be old enough to follow a simple chart and have a set chore or two. Great idea!!

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