201st post!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Today I have blogger block - I'm having trouble coming up with anything to blog about - I think I have too much on my mind & cannot get my thoughts into any resemblance of order. So I'll apologise in advance for my ramblings...
Yesterdays homeschool group was very interesting. I was only an hour late (yes, I said an hour - it was one of those mornings - which included 20 mins of extra driving). Not that it mattered as it is a very relaxed group - come & go as you please. It was interesting talking to the different mothers about how they homeschool. I got a lot of information & ideas to look at (Google will be working overtime for the next few days!!). I was a bit disappointed that no one there uses the curriculum I'm most interested in - I've been told that there are a fair few families around who do.

The children really enjoyed themselves - all of the kids were very friendly - another good thing is that from what I could tell most of the families are Christians! So does it help in our decision - well not really - we are still praying & praying & praying about it - I think God gives us children to send us to our knees more often!!!!

Now in honour of this being my 201st post, let me share with you a couple of my favourite things around our home:
My granny made this for my last birthday & I just LOVE it - she's so talented!!!

I've had this egg holder for years, but finally I can fill it with eggs (actually we have an overflow of eggs at the moment - must remember to give some to the next person who walks through my door) from our own chickens!!

Hope your Friday is going well!


Peta G said...

I love the Banner. You have a very talented Gran.
I'LL take some eggs (never seem to have enough) LOL

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

Oh Renata!!! RAIN!!! Yay!

And I LOVE that Zai made you a fancy drink! AND that you drank it! What a great Mama!!!

And your photgraphy doesn't need photoshop - it's beautiful! (But, if you ever wanted to, you can download free stuff online...)

Now. Off with the Locusts. Nasty little rascals.

God Bless,

Aunty Sel said...

hey narn,
it's a good day for a brain holiday.
Hope the rain continues,

Grandma said...

Seeing those two on that swing brings back the dread I felt just after seeing Eli hit in the head by it....Elly was facing the opposite way that day....Will make sure I show Granny your blog. We're going to print off a couple of our photos of it for her. What a lovely egg holder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a happy Friday...and Saturday... and so on.!!! Will email a couple of photos to the family email..Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Michael said...

Meredith must have been the next person through the door. Thanks for the eggs! I pray God gives you wisdom about schooling. God Bless, Michael.

Bobbie-Jo said...

The private school we are enrolled in is also a Christian school, but we have the freedom to choose our own curriculum.

Still praying!

BoufMom9 said...

Congrats on 201! yeah you!
My favorite thing about homeschooling, hands down, was being able to incorportate Christ into our lessons. I miss it :(

Just LOVE the quilt and I have the same egg holder!

ps I will be tagging you in my saturday post, so you'll have something to fill your blogging block soon. LOL

Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

Congrats on your big post! I look forward to hearing more about your homeschooling group too. I am facinated by mom's who have the know how, will power and ability to do this. I am thrilled to hear you got the rain and am with Karin about the Locusts! AACK!

Mum-me said...

Sounds like you've done a fair bit of research already if you have a curriculum in mind already.

I love that quilted welcome sign too.

Mummy McTavish said...

I love your egg holder! I'd have some eggs from you if it wasnt that they would be all crushed and horrible and leaking rotten egg insides all over the place by the time they got here:) oh well, maybe one day :P

Heather said...

I love the banner and the egg holder! Very cute.

Also, that pic of the kids swinging is great!

Congrats on your 201st post!

Kate said...

I soooo have wanted to take photos with one of those swings for so long. That's it, we'll have to visit! :P I also want one of those egg holder thingies but alas, I don't have any chickens to fill it...buying them from coles just isn't the same! xx

Kimmie said...

Hi Renata;

Yeah...good for you for going to the meeting.

What curriculum are you leaning towards? I am so excited for you!

cute little egg basket...!
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Mummy McTavish said...

I decided to find out how many posts Samster.com is up to. Turns out our 201st was the rice up the nose one... glad it was something of earth shattering importance I wrote.

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