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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The other afternoon Zai asked if he could make something (he'd been watching a Jamie Oliver DVD & this always gets his culinary creativity flowing). A few minutes later he came in with this - " mum this is for you" - it was in fact very watered down orange juice (totally disgusting, but I drank it as all good mothers do). What really amused me was the addition of an orange slice decorating the side - he even said "Mum, it should have a little umbrella in it as well, because this is what ladies drink". Now I've never had anything like that, so I'm wondering where he's been educated in ladies drinks??!!??
Eli loves to wear Ellie's church shoes around. In fact the other day I was at the door talking to a neighbour when he walked out pant less (often he removes them during the day) - but wearing her church shoes - quite the combination! (thankfully that neighbour had had 6 children, so wasn't shocked!)


We had a really hot spell last week, so imagine my surprise to walk into my bedroom to see the cats sound asleep "spooning" - I mean I would have thought it was too hot to touch anyone, besides cuddling up to a furry creature - it must be true love!!LOL

Tomorrow I'm going to the local homeschool get together - I'm nervous, but it will be great to have so many questions answered.

Hope you have a nice Wednesday!


Peta G said...

love the shoes LOL I was just about to post about how different my to youngest boys are one is a REAL boy and the other loves polly pockets, and his big sisters shoes

BoufMom9 said...

What a lovely boy Zai is to make you such a nice drink. :)

Mum-me said...

I had to laugh about the 'ladies' drink. Funny what children will notice - maybe he saw it in a movie or TV show.

We have a few photos of Dragon dressed in his big sister's shoes and dress-up tutus! Keeping them for his 21st.

Hope you find the answers you need at the homeschooling day.

Grandma said...

Eli looks sensational & cute in those shoes....I guess you'll be keeping that one for some embarrassing photo board (or whatever technology abounds then!!!)as he matures!!!
Zai's drink looks great - very creative (he probably picked it up back in his 'Legally Blond' movie viewing days...yes I do remember when they were his favourite movies!!!) lol!!!
Talk about having a family bed...not just the parents and all the kids, but both cats....sure hope Whitey and the chooks don't want to share your bed too!!!! ha ha!
Lots and lots of love to all...all the best with Thursday's trip!!!

Mummy McTavish said...

When I come home after wearing my "good" shoes my first thought when I take them off is "I had better put those away safely so Dragon cant get to them" he loves any shoes but mostly my pretty ones. He has a little hat, handbag and shoe fettish. But there's not doubting his maleness, its dirt dirt or dirt when it comes to playing.

Bobbie-Jo said...

I love Eli's expression in the photo! "Look at me bee-yoo-tee-full shoes, mum!"

Aunty Sel said...

So cute!!!
Luv you all.
Aunty Sel

Brandi said...

Ah yes, I have two sons who adore girls dress shoes, and mommies heels! How sweet of Zai to try and make you a drink...hmmm, didn't know Jamie Oliver had a course in the proper way for ladies drinks to be made! LOL

Heather said...

I love the drink Zai made for you. He really knows how to finesse the ladies!

I'm anxious to hear what you find out at the homeschool meeting. Our public school experience hasn't been great so far, so we're still considering homeschool for next year.

Kylie said...

Love Eli in Ellie's shoes, great 21st birthday material! Looks like your 'ladies drink' tasted good! Happy to hear that you got your much need rain, praise God.

Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

What a funny funny post! I love the kids scenarios. Too cute and loveable. My daughter has a few shoes your son can borrow. She loves to wear them too any size, color, shape etc. They'd make a cute pair!

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