Homemade kitchen cleaner!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

For around 6 months I've been making my own kitchen cleaner. Once upon a time I used to buy a bottle of kitchen cleaner once a fortnight, but it was getting quite expensive, besides the fact that I worry what's in it, so I thought I'd do some research into making my own. I found this website & it's where I got the initial recipe from, however she makes such a large amount & I only needed one spray bottle at a time, so I experimented until I was happy with the combination of ingrediants for just one bottle. I now keep the ingrediants in my cleaning cupboard, so whenever I run out I can just make up another bottle - it doesn't even take a minute to make!!!!
I use:
I make it in the spray bottle.

* First I put in a drop of ammonia (cloudy ammonia was all I could find at woolies - it seems to work fine) - initially I tried using much more of this & it was taking the skin off my hand (OOPS)- one drop is definitely enough.

* I then add the rubbing alcohol & I know this isn't exact, but I use about 5 squeezes of the bottle - this gets the liquid level to about 1cm in the bottle. (The alcohol also adds an anti-bacterial element).

* Put in one drop of washing up detergent - I always use morning fresh because it is quite concentrated (& that's the one I like with washing up, so it's in the house).

* To this you add about 4 drops of your favourite essential oil - I was using lavender, but since that bottle ran out (yes, I just need to get some more), recently I've been using orange.

* I also add a couple of drops of food colouring - just so it looks nice in the bottle & my kids don't think it's a water squirty for their hair!

* Fill the bottle with water - it's as easy as that - I just use cold water from the tap.
This is so much more economical than store bought (imagine how much you pay for something that is mainly water) & I have found it just as effective!!


Mum-me said...

I have been making my own cleaner for a few years now but my recipe is very dfferent to yours.

As I was reading this post I was wondering if I could substitute the rubbing alcohol with some of the liquer we have sitting in the cupboard to just use it up. It has been given to HB over the years as gifts and we don't drink it, although I use it occasionally for cooking.

(I know I can't substitute, just wish I could.)

Aunty Sel said...

I'm so impressed Narn!!!
Very good of you, do you feel like a super amazing super scientist when you do this??
Have a happy cleaning time.
Luv sel

Cassandra-ann said...

Oh wow, thanks for posting this, i go through the stuff like nothing else and your right it is expensive! i will definitely be giving this a go :-)

Grandma said...

Thanks for the recipe....I need to try it...checked out the website you linked to, very interesting one!! Do you only use it in the kitchen or elsewhere? I will try her soft cleanser too I think. I need to get some of the ingrediEnts. Did you get the rubbing alcohol at the supermarket or chemist???? Lots and lots of love to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Heather said...

See, now here is where I get confused because we live in different countries. I've never heard of "cloudy ammonia" and also, is washing up detergent what we call dish soap? (IE: Dawn)

Also, how long is a fortnight? Seriously, I have no idea.

This reminds me of the time when you left a comment on my blog about doing something this "arvo" and I had to look it up because I had no idea what you were talking about! Now I know that it means afternoon, and I make sure to tell everyone that because it makes me feel worldly. Funny :)

Renata said...

Mum, I got the rubbing alcohol at woolies - it's kept in the first aid section - here it's on the bottom shelf under the bandaids etc. I have used this cleaner in the bathroom as well - it works well. I plan on making a bottle up just for the cleaning cupboard minus the colouring. I also use this ladies first recipe for window cleaner - the vinegar & washing up detergent. Check out the rest of the site - it has all kinds of interesting things on it!
Love ya

Renata said...

A fortnight is two weeks. So for example you can get paid each fortnight etc.
The original site I got the recipe from was in the USA. I've tried to google cloudy ammonia to see if it's called anything else, but it wasn't helpful. I did find out that cloudy ammonia differs from normal ammonia because it has a small amount of soap added to it. Hope this has helped!!
Your friend

Renata said...

Heather - I forgot to add that washing up detergent is the same as your dish soap!

The Miles Family said...

Ah... I had the same questions that Heather had!

AND... there is an award for you on my blog! Go check it out!

Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

Good for you and I bet this is better on the environment too. I may be doing this myself very soon.

jazzy cat said...

I bought a book of handmade household hints including how to make your own cleaners etc....which is conveniently gathering dust on the shelf...you have encouraged me to get it down and dust it off!

Kate said...

Jazzy cat..I have a (probably very similar) book of household hints that rarely leaves my shelf. Renata pute me to shame. Now I feel guilty about the bottle of Ajax I just bought.... :)

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

I will have to try this cleaner!

jazzy cat said...

hehehe Kate...yes I must admit I got good intentions, but loads of chemicals in their place!

Damo Corinne Jacob said...

Hey Renata - I finally tried this after actually doing my own shopping and getting those ingredients - it is awesome!!!!
USing it every where now - just did the bathroom - best EVER clearner for there. I used ecualuptus - smells so fresh. Thank You!! :) Have a great day,

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