Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yesterday Dave had the day off work, so we decided to have a bit of fun & take off to Young for the day!

No, it wasn't because one of the Australian Idol finalists is from there (although you sure can't forget that - almost every shop has a sign up "Go Luke" & at every roundabout are signs - I even read in the newspaper that the people at the newsagent call up every hour to put in a vote for him).

(Photo from the Australian Idol website)

It was because it is now cherry season & we wanted to go & pick our own cherries!!! YUM!!! We've gone picking cherries there a few years ago & it was such a fun experience we decided that we would fit it in before harvest starts here (for us anyway).

We had such great fun - they drop you off in the middle of their cherry orchard & you can pick & eat to your heart's content - I would highly recommend it as a fun family activity ! (Unfortunately I forgot the SD card for the camera - it was sitting in the computer.)

5 1/2 kgs later & we are done!!!

Now I just need to work out what to do with all these cherries - although we are enjoying eating them in large quantities !!!! (Bet you wish you were here mum!!!!)

We were all completely exhausted because we always try & fill too much into a day at a city, but we had such a fun time!

(This is Ellie's 'tired' face - I told her to look tired (which she was just before this pic) & this is what we ended up with!!!)


Bobbie-Jo said...

Thanks for the link to your pastor's review of The Shack. I really enjoyed it!

Aunty Sel said...

Hey Narn,
looks very yummy.

Mum-me said...

Yum! Yum! Yum!

I've always wanted to go cherry picking at Young! I didn't realise it was a family-friendly activity. Maybe next year....

Nice that you all had a family day together - those days a few and far between around here with HB's work.

Mummy McTavish said...

ooo ooo ooo, I loooove cherries! They are sooooo expensive up here. I'd love to be able to buy them from the farm gate. They taste better that way too!

Grandma said...

I can't believe you're having trouble working out what to do with them!!!! Why eat them of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Of course, I'd love to be there to be able to help you.....)Apparently cherry pies are supposed to be nice (but of course, we never have enough left here to do anything else with them.) Love the cherry stain on Ellie's top...glad you all had a fun day...lots of love to all and enjoy those cherries....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Peta G said...

I agree with your grandma....make a cherry pie they are so yummy..LOL
would that be cherry juice on Ellie's top?

Cassandra-ann said...

Oh how i love cherries! they wouldnt survive in this house long enough for anything else but eating LOL

Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

I want some cherries PLEASE!!! It really looks like she's doing all she can to keep her little eyes open. What a fun day!

Grandma with an Identity Crisis said...

Aaaarrrggghhhh!!!! Just read some of your comments...I never realized that some might think I was your Grandma!!!! Maybe I'll have to change to 'Grandma of the Littlies' or Grandma (aka Mum) or should I just lose my anonymity and use my name?????????? I'm suffering from an identity crisis!!! Oh well, love to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Aunty Sel said...

you should give mum identity crisis more often.
By the way, I once made a cherry pie. Apparently there are different types of cherries in the world. If you use sweet cherries in a cherry pie that is supposed to have sour cherries in it, and then you add huge amounts of sugar, it tastes terrible and is not edible. Something to think about......
Maybe I need to add that I am not your Aunty Sel, but the littlies.
princess sel

Sandra said...

I am jealous of you. Those cherries look fantastic! Enjoy them and enjoy making lots of yummy things with them.
Renata, thanks for how faithfully you comment on my blog. It must keep you very busy, let alone with everything else you do.
Have a good day.

Kimmie said...

Yum fresh are a lucky girl. Glad you had a full day in the city...that tired face just cracks me up.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Heather said...

Those cherries look amazing! We actually have a cherry tree, but we didn't get any fruit this year because it was all destroyed by Japanese beetles! Rotten bugs!

I love Ellie's tired face :)

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