Happy Australia Day

Monday, January 26, 2009

In keeping with the celebration of this beautiful country that we live in, this Australia day weekend I've:

* Mustered sheep - we just moved ours up our shearing shed to be sheared - but let me tell you those few silly sheep were hard work to move! (There were more to be moved than in the picture, but we moved them in batches as they kept getting away from us - I think our neighbour who was shearing ended up laughing at our technique - oh well we don't have a dog to do the hard yards for us!!)

* Hung out clothes on my Hills Hoist clothesline - the good old aussie icon - well I have two of them!!

* Had a snag off the barby! (no shrimp though) - Actually we went to the community breakfast & had not just a snag but some bacon & eggs as well!! We also had a sausage sizzle for lunch!! - 2 barbys in one day YUM!

* Gone for a swim - the local pool is wonderful & we had a lovely time cooling down there after the breaky!

(Sorry about the unusual photo angle - Dave couldn't be bothered moving off the lounge)

* Got burnt to a crisp - well almost - tomorrow I'm going to be very, very sore even after I put on layers of sunscreen! It sure is HOT, HOT, HOT out today!!

* Enjoyed my home amongst the gum trees - complete with a sheep or 2 & a kangaroo!!! & even rabbits running round!! (no plum trees or rocking chairs though!!)

So how have you celebrated Australia day?!!??


Mum-me said...

HB's unit had a meet'n'greet BBQ for new families posting in, so we went along for some lamb chops and salad, and there were sausage sandwiches for the children. Mousie made a new friend who is also starting school next Monday. Then we spent the afternoon relaxing at the pool on base. (It really is HOT!!)

Mummy McTavish said...

What an Australian Australia Day! Hopefully our blog'll be going up soon! Our plans changed because of the rain but we still had fun.

Grannysaurus said...

You can tell your sheep that I'm very disappointed. I thought sheep followed each other like... well, like sheep. Instead they seem to want to go astray like... sheep.
But what a great way to spend Australia day. Your post reminded me that I haven't hung out my load in the washer yet, but it's raining again anyway. I wish I could send you some.

Peta G said...

Happy Australia Day.
We celebrated with the traditional BBQ with friends and then a trip into Belmore Basin to watch the fireworks.

Aunty Sel said...

Happy Australia Day!!!
Glad you had a good day. I celebrated by helping Aussies at work, and really really wishing I had a flag to put on my car ;-(
oh! i went for a walk as well.
Luv you all,
Aunty Sel.

The Miles Family said...

I ALWAYS get burned! Every single summer. No matter how much sunscreen I put on! I hate it. Curse this pale white skin! :)

16 blessings'mom said...

Hello! I have never, until this moment, heard of Australia day, but it sounds interesting. Do you really have kangaroos? I realize we are on different continents, but oh, that sunburn looks lovely, it signifies something that I really long for right about now. Here, it is sunny and about 3 degrees. Farenheit, which is 29 degrees below freezing. Thank you so much for sharing, I love getting a glimpse into such a different life, yet we share the same battles, and similar situations with the kids....


Kylie said...

Happy Australia Day! Sounds like you had a fantastic day.

Heather said...

Happy Australia Day Renata!

Your sunburn looks painful. I burn every single time I go out in the sun. EVERY TIME! My body does not know the meaning of the word tan.

I e-mailed your 5 interview questions to you last night. Let me know when you answer them, so I can feature you.

Have a great week!

Kate said...

Beautiful photo of you Nata...even if you are a tad toasty :) and we got to see the "textured" ceiling you were telling us about!! :P xo

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