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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh my I feel so important - someone wants to interview me!!!

Ok, Ok, truthfully I signed up for it myself on Heather's amazing blog Want What you Have, but hey Heather had to sit down & write out questions for me (& what an amazing job she did -that woman has a gift with words). So now I get my moment in the spotlight, that moment where I get to share my thoughts & ideas (wait, I think that's what I do anyway on my blog). Oh well I just get to feel special!!! So onto Heather's questions:

(I may have a slight tendency to silliness - especially when I'm tired & emotional - both today- oh& lacking coffee - wait I'll just go & make an iced coffee before I start - see now I'm raving on & on& on...)

Back recaffinated & ready!!:

#1 You're a mother of 4 children, including twin boys. What do you think is the greatest challenge you face as a mother of multiples?

Lately I've been telling everyone to be thankful they don't have multiples!! (It's alright I'm just joking when I say it!!) I'm finding that although it's so nice to have the twins, it is so difficult having two very active little boys going through the same milestones at the same times ("No" is a current favourite). I think one of the most difficult things at the moment is that whenever I tell one of the boys he can't do something the other one goes & does it straight away just to make sure he gets the same reaction - & it's driving me crazy - of course I'm going to be angry no matter WHO drops the kitten etc. etc. etc.
One of the most difficult things I found with having 4 children so close in age (Zai was 3 3/4 when the twins were born) was the rude comments I got from strangers. Once a lady was so openly rude to me in a shopping centre that I just hung my head in total embarrassment due to her crudeness. Finally after she had talked (at the top of her voice mind you) all the way down the shopping aisle - her husband said "____ Be Quiet".
Anyway off the topic - now I'm rabbiting on & on!

#2 A year ago, you moved from the city to the country, leaving behind your family and all that was familiar. What advice would give to someone who was contemplating a similar life change?
DON'T!!!!! LOL -
Actually that's not true, but it sure was a difficult year. However if you feel it's God's will then definitely DO!! One of the best things we did was move near an open & welcoming church (we already knew about the church & had visited a few times before we moved down)! Throughout the most difficult times of homesickness & adjustment we always have had our church family to lean on.

#3 On Sunnyside, you and your husband raise sheep and plant crops.Coming from the city, how did you learn the skills necessary for farm management?

Fantastic question - not sure about the answer. To say we knew nothing when we moved would be a complete understatement. Thankfully we have the most wonderful neighbours, friends & church family & we have asked many, many questions & everyone has been willing to answer. We've learnt a lot from them. Both our neighbour & also some friends have been more than willing to show us their way of doing things & we've learnt everything else by trial & error!!

#4 How does the school system in Australia work? Can you describe an average school day for Zai? (Bee was curious about this - and me too!)

In Australia our school year starts in late January (tomorrow here) or early Feb (for Victoria). Our year is divided into 4 terms with approx. a 2 week holiday between each term. Our summer holidays start a week or so before Christmas & most states have 5 to 6 weeks holiday!
In NSW you go from Kinder to year 6 in primary school & then year 7 to year 12 is secondary school.
Our school here is a bit different from most schools. Here most of the children arrive by school bus at 8:45am to school. School doesn't start til 9:20, however each child in kinder & Years 1 to 3 have to go & read a "home reader" (basically a book at their level) to a parent (who volunteers - I would go in on a Monday morning last year) or teacher before they go & play until bell time. The primary school then has an assembly & they tell the children anything that they need to pass onto parents (BTW never trust a 6 year old boy to pass on anything!), any information for that day or week etc. If there are any birthdays they sing happy birthday. They then go to class - the kinder went straight to the library for a story & then to class to start their work. At this school morning tea is at 10:46 - 11:06am & lunch is 12:52 - 1:39pm. (yes, I looked that up!!) Both of these breaks are eaten in a shade shelter outside & then the children are free to play & they play outside for the whole breaks. They do have specific days for library, art & sports, although the teacher always makes sure they do some kind of physical activity (that has a really weird name in this state (that's the qld girl talking!!)) every day. School finishes at 3:25pm & the children must go straight to their bus because as soon as the bus has all it's students on, they leave (basically the school is empty by 3:30pm - it's amazing to see!)

#5 What are 3 places that a visitor to Australia absolutely must see?

* Sunnyside - well who wouldn't want to visit here!!! LOL
OK seriously - I don't know if I'm the best person to answer this because basically I've seen most of Qld & NSW & we visited the Northern Territory when I was about 8 or so, but I've never been to Victoria, South Aust or Western Aust. However my 3 top pics would be:
* The great barrier reef off northern qld - it really is beautiful & even though we spent most of our numerous holidays up there visiting relatives, I do remember some times of fun seeing the beauty of the reef!
* Northern Territory - this is an amazing place in itself. The wild beauty is breathtaking! (although I remember being petrified of the crocs, I had this idea that if I was ever chased to run in circles & then climb a tree (not sure why the circles or how I was to get to a tree while running in circles)- remember I was only 8!)
* One place I really, really want to visit is the great Australian Bite - do the great ocean road. I've heard it really is beautiful.

All in all I think you could spend a year traveling around Australia, it is so big & diverse!

Thanks Heather for your great questions!

So now over to you- If you would like an interview on your own please just tell me & I would love to come up with some questions (although don't expect Heather's standard) to ask you!!


BoufMom9 said...

How exciting!
I just LOVe the questions she asked and am thrilled to get to know you even more :)

PS I would so want to visit Sunnyside if i ever came your way :)

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

Hi Renata
It's great to meet another Aussie Christian mum who loves blogging too. Will be back again.

Mummy McTavish said...

I love these things, I'm still not signing up to get interviewed but I love to find out more about people.

Aunty Sel said...

Happy days,

Cassandra-ann said...

Great questions but even greater answers, i really enjoyed reading them :-)

Sandra said...

Thinking of you for tomorrow.
Very interesting reading. I think I would agree with your answers about where to visit in Aus. Just a shame how far apart they all are.
You sure had a big year last year. Here's to a fantastic 2009.

Mum-me said...

That was very interesting - hope you manage to see the Great Ocean Road and the Great Australian Bight one day ......

Heather said...

Excellent answers! I really enjoyed all of them, but I especially enjoyed learning about Zai's school. It fascinates me to learn about how daily life in other countries compares to life here.

Thanks so much for playing Renata!

I'll get my feature post up today, with a link to your answers.

Have a great day!

momstheword said...

This was fun and I appreciate getting to "know" you!

Jennie said...

I have always wanted to spend a few months in Australia, but now, I'm obsessed with the idea! Reading some of your posts, I'm pretty awestruck at the beauty of your life. What a blessing.

Kimmie said...

How cool that I can say that I knew you before you became famous! Loved the chatty little interview, so fun and so much neat info about you and your beautiful country.

Smashing job go girl. Next you'll get a slot on some international t.v. station...let us know ;-)

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Shanna said...

I've always wanted to visit Australia and hopefully someday we will. It was fun learning more about you.

Saminda said...

Great to read this Renata!! Glad you recommended QLD- you can't beat the sun state! ;)
I can't imagine how daily life must be with twins. You are amazing to do all you do, and I'm sure it'll get easier as they grow up. :)

megs @ whadusay said...

Great interview - I had heaard that if a croc is chasing you you should run in zig-zags!! Climbing a tree seems like a good idea too. :)

Boy Mom said...

How fun, i love meeting new people and learning about new places.

Pretty Organizer said...

Oh my gosh! I think you are my first out of country follower!! That should get you a big prize or something!! I'll have to think about that:)

Totally enjoyed your interview! And... as a mother of 6 (2 who are a totally different race than the rest) I have grown used to those rude comments. I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "So, you must have your hands full." or "Are these all yours?" or "Are they from foster care?"- I hate that one the worst because we looked for our girls because they were different. I've also heard, "You guys need a T.V. in your bedroom." Some people are just tactless.

How fun to get to know you better. You're quite a gal with a great attitude and I commend you for letting the Lord guide your life.

SOOO glad to meet you!!
Pretty Organizer

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