Easter hats & fete pics!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter to you all from the "Sunnyside" family.
It's proving to be a busy Easter with Dave working the whole weekend, so today I will take the children in to watch the flying (& maybe see a glimpse of daddy hard at work!). Last week was the school fete & before that they had the Easter hat parade, so I've included some pics from that of the beautiful "creations" - Zai even won a merit award for his creativity!! Our church is preparing for our annual kids club this coming week. I'm helping out with the games so have had fun planning with our friends who are organising them. We're going to trial the twins coming along as the youngest children there (of course I'll only be busy during the games, so during discussion they can come with me) - although they really are getting very grown up & should sit still throughout it.

I'm afraid these pictures are dreadfully out of focus because the children were rushing through & I was taking pics of a friends' children as well & I had to try & work out who was who very quickly!!

This hat certainly is creative- Zai has a flair for designing & building things - I wonder what it will lead to down the track. Dave can't wait till all the boys are old enough to put together an old car with him as a father-son project - it's something he's wanted to do with his sons since their birth.

Although the jumping castle was generally very popular, Ellie & Jud had it all to themselves at this point!! (Eli would not go on!)


Mummy McTavish said...

WHAT FUN!!!! Those are both very creative easter hats!

Aunty Sel said...

Happy Easter to you all!! Hope it is a really great time. Those easter hats look fantastic, well done!!
So glad to see Ellie's dress fits so well, you look beautiful in it Ellie.
Luv to you all,
Aunty Sel.

Sandra said...

Happy Easter to you all! Hope Dave enjoys his working weekend. Beautiful hat creations - very clever. And all the best for kids club next week.

Frizzy said...

Happy Easter to you all too! Looks like a great time. What a fun idea to have an Easter Hat parade. I would want to participate in that for sure! God bless you all!

Brandi said...

Happy Easter! Looks Like ya had a blast! Love the hats!

Kimmie said...

Looks so colorful and fun!

And those hats are way creative! too cute.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Mum-me said...

Looks like fun! I like Easter hat time - you never know what the children will come up with?

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