Friday, June 19, 2009

I love honey!!

I think it's such an amazing product that's straight from our Creator - so rich in nutrients, so healthy & so yummy!!!

This week on Sunnyside the bee man dropped in 15 kg's of honey - no exaggeration - we have enough to keep a family of 50 in honey for a year - Here's Jud sitting on the honey container (while eating honey toast mind you!):

The bee man did this because we are one of the 90 odd farms that allow him to keep bees on their property- ours having an ironbark ridge (ironbark are a type of gum tree) it's perfect for ironbark honey!! Unfortunately our ironbarks aren't flowering at the moment, so he hasn't put any bees on, however he still dropped in the honey - so now I get to play with making honey cakes, honey biscuits, honey - well honey everything really. Any ideas?????

You can see the ironbarks of "Churchill forest" in the background.

For a bit of a giggle:

The bee man beeped his horn before coming to the door. He was a real character & we had quite a chat. While talking he said " now I hope you don't mind that I beeped my horn, but I always do - I know what these farm wives are like - usually going around half dressed & all". He then proceeded to tell me about one lady: "well she goes around - even outside - in only her underpants - no, you can't actually call them underpants, they're even skimpier than that (spare me the details thanks) - I always beep & wait a good 5 minutes before going to her door!!"! - he sure was a character -LOL

So there you go, my flashing the in-law incident last December is really put into perspective - I'm just turning into a real "farm wife" -LOL

Hope you enjoy your weekend. On Sunday is our church's annual "Guess who's coming to dinner?' - We've signed up as hosts & have been told that we're having 5 people coming! - will be interesting to see who it is. In the meantime I have a house to clean - & I'd better head into town to do some shopping this morning (did you know in country towns the shops (well except Woolies & IGA) are only open on Saturday mornings - takes some getting used to for us ex-city people).


Saminda said...

Love that you have 15kgs of honey! That's awesome!! We all love honey here- I sometimes get ironbark from the markets too, it is delicious!

I love the photos of Zai and Ellie, they just look so happy playing under God's great sky. :) Isn't a great feeling watching kids play outdoors? Your property is beautiful.

I was thinking of you this week re: the being isolated thing. I'm sure it must be hard at times, being so far from other families/events etc. It's funny though, I was actually thinking this week that in many ways I would like to be isolated as it would take the pressure off feeling like I HAVE to go do the things that are happening around here! I know I'm so blessed to have a network, and many friends nearby etc. but sometimes it all just gets overwhelming and I say "Lord, I just want you, my family and our home to think about"! Life can get so busy at times. And I'm such an introvert- I just love to be at home. Guess it's about being strong enough to say "no". And that can be hard when you already feel ridiculed for homeschooling anyway- like you're already too insular or something. :) I sometimes feel the pressure to take the kids out! Anyway, guess we'll get there. I pray for you often, I know this job is the hardest (though most satisfying) on earth!! Hope you have a relaxing weekend.
Your friend from up north,

Peta said...

oohh, I love honey. There is nothing better than FRESH honey. In the small town I grew up there was a small honey factory there that my aunt worked at and we were allowed to go and 'taste' the product...mmm happy days..lol
I have a recipe for a honey and cinamon cake. I will have to find it and email it to you..its scrumptous

Sandra said...

mmm, YUMMY!!! How lucky are you? Well enjoy working your way through that. I don't think it goes off, does it, so you can take your time and have lots of fun.
Hasn't the year gone fast. I remember when last you went for your guess who's coming for dinner and how spoilt you were then.

Mummy McTavish said...

I love Ellie's skirt!!!! I also love honey!!! Honey from any of the Gum family is sooo yummy.

Your grass looks so green in your garden area. Is that the recent rain or all that irrigation work you did? It looks lovely!

I'm also figuring one benefit of being a little bit isolated is roaming around in your grundies... even outside! There is one lady around this neighbourhood who probably should move to somewhere more isolated if you catch my drift ;)

Oooh, Avocado honey is yummo too, we got some from that honey place at Kuranda on our honeymoon:) sorry, getting myself sidetracked.

Mum-me said...

The fresh honey sounds yummy! I wish it wasn't so expensive in the shops. Try this recipe (which I have to substitute half the honey for raw sugar as it is just not economical - I make a double batch for my crew) http://heavenlyhomemakers.com/blog/giant-breakfast-cookies.
She also has a recipe for honey wholewheat bread. Yum!

The "Guess Who" dinner sounds like a lovely idea. Hope you have fun.

Tulip's Talking said...

Ummm, love honey directly for the creator... we keep it stock in the cabinets always.

Please visit to pick up your blog award.

Aunty Sel said...

Cool, can't wait to try the honey and see you all!!! Don't forget to pick me up at 1230.
Should I bring a bottle for some honey?? If so call mum and tell her!!
Love to you all, I better finish packing!

Grandma said...

Hi to all the lovely Sunnysiders!! Hope you had a great weekend and that your dinner went well. Enjoy the honey. It's amazing how fast things green up with a little rain!! Enjoy your visitor!!! Lots of love to you all. Mum xxxxxxxx

BoufMom9 said...

Wow! How glorious to get all of that honey. I actually stumbled across a fabulous recipe today on a blog that uses honey for homemade jam/preserves:

LOL! I remember that flashing of the inlaws. Thanks for the giggles!

Kimmie said...

Love honey too, I'd love to keep bees, but my Knight says I don't have the time. drats.

How was your dinner mystery party?

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Heather said...

You're so lucky to get free honey! Around here it's just horribly expensive - $8 for 48 ounces! I use it to make bread, but also we like to make honey-glazed carrots, one of my husband's absolute favorite side dishes.

My Grandma used to make peanut butter honey balls, rolled in powdered sugar. We LOVED them as kids. I'll see if I can dig up that recipe.

Also, don't forget to make crunchy, munchy honey cakes, like the Wiggles!

The Happy Sparrow said...

hey there Renata! your honey looks amazing!! Yum!! Noah would love it- honey is his favourite condiment :) maybe honey and weet bix??

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

We love honey too! I don't know about there, but it is super expensive here, so enjoy your 15kg of FREE stuff!

We are doing a short study on honeybees right now, so I'll show Dylan your post - he'll be quite interested, I'm sure.

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