What a week...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's hard to believe it's been so long since I posted, but we sure have had a whirl wind week & the time to sit down at the computer has been very limited!
Guess who's coming to dinner last Sunday (which feels like a month ago now) was great. We had a lovely family from church come & it was so nice to sit & relax & chat - they have 3 children who are similar ages to our own, so everyone had a great time!!!

Then on Monday.... Aunty Sel came to visit!!!!! YAY!!!!

I've been really missing my family the last couple of months as I hadn't seen anyone since January, so it was just so lovely to have Sel come - she is the closest to me in age of all my 4 sisters and we grew up very close - I think she understands me better than anyone else - we often think & do the same things - sometimes we don't even have to speak, we just know - weird hey!

We had such a lovely time - Zai insisted that she help him with his schoolwork - so she had to sit next to him while he worked away on his bookwork (let's just say we have a lot of sharp pencils now as she was quite bored!! LOL)!!!

Sel loves the country as much as I do!!!

Then on Wednesday night we had the beautiful Kate & her family arrive for a couple of nights while on their way to the snow. It sure was nice to have them come - the children loved having others their own age around & it was nice to chat with friends who have known us for many years (Dave & Steve were "best friends" growing up & were each others' best men!)

These 2 got on so well & reminded us of their dads at this age!!

Kate is one of the best photographers I've ever seen ( she's a professional) & so I got to check out her camera - yes it is gorgeous!!

Yes - besides what this pic shows I do have lips!!- LOL

We had a lot of fun with them including a visit to Dave's work & a massive bonfire on Thursday night.

Guess who else got on like a house on fire??

That's right - our two angels........or are they?????

Aunty Sel left today after we went shopping in town, had a visit to an antique shop & also a cute little tea house in a town on the way to the place she catches the bus from, so I'm a bit flat tonight - but that's normal when people leave - Ellie came in & told me to "be happy because you have still got 4 children & a husband here"!! - guess I'd better count my blessings - I had such a great week!!


Sandra said...

Yeah! So glad for happy times visiting with family and friends. Your kids look like they got on very well with Kate's two. And they sure look like they LOVE their Aunty Sel.
I also love your new photo at the top. So cute!

Aunty Elysia said...

Aw how exciting! We miss you all heaps and can't wait to see you all! Am very jealous of Sel getting all the cuddles..
Can't wait to see you all!

Lots of love
EJ xoxoxox

Mummy McTavish said...

Awww, that Ellie is so sweet AND cute.

It sounds like you had a great week! Aunty Sel looks a LOT like you! I have a cousin that I grew up very close to, we are 3 weeks apart in age and we could finish each others sentences, the phone would ring and I would just know it was her, even weirder the day she lost her twins when the phone rang I knew exactly what it would be. It has always seemed kinda strange to other people that we are able to know each other so well.

Does your cute little puff-ball puppy have a name yet?

The Happy Sparrow said...

hey renata! looks like a lovely week - I love Ellie's comment :) kids can be so funny! Love Martine

Christy Walsh said...

Hi Renata! Looks like an awesome week with family and friends!! Wish we were up visiting you too!!! I know how you feel after everyone leaves though...I used to feel that too - xo.Love Ellie's comment - she's too cute :)
We'll let you know our news via email - you are on the draft email list :)!! And I'm usually home from hospital within 24 hours so I'll blog as soon as I can!

Cassandra-ann said...

I love the way Ellie thinks ,what a sweet little chicken she is ;-)
You definitely had a busy week and it must have been so good to catch up with your sister, sorry your feeling a bit flat now though ((()))
I will definitely let you know how those books are too, i am really looking forward to getting them!

cassandra xx

Saminda said...

I can understand how sad you must be to see family leave. I am the same, with my Mum leaving a couple of hours ago after only 1 night here! I miss her terribly.
It's so nice (I've said it before) that you have 4 sisters (or is it 3?)
How lovely to spend that time with Sel. Maybe she'll end up living near you??!
Love Ellie's comment. :)
Your grass is looking green down there! Love your new header photo!

Aunty Sel said...

Hey Narn,
I had a great week too!!!
Luv to you all,

Grandma said...

Hi Narn,
Love your new photo at the top. Looks like the newest family member is settling in well to life at Sunnyside!!!! Glad to hear you had a lovely week (and that all the pencils are nicely sharpened!!! lol). We all miss you heaps too!!! Give them all a lovely big hug! Lots & lots of love, Mum xxxxxxxxxxx

Mum-me said...

What a fun time you've had, especially if the photos are anything to go by. And you've obviously been teaching Ellie to count her blessings, so how great that she's learning that. My HB and I can almost read each others minds many times. Then there are the times we both think the other is not only from, but ON, another planet ;)

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Hi Renata,
I have been visiting your blog after you signed up to follow mine and gosh we do have a lot in common! Three year old twins! Except I have girls.. they are just as active as my boys were! We used to be dairy farmers in NZ and lived on 300 acres, so I know what farm life is all about and homeschooling... hope I can offer you encouragement as you set out on your journey! My oldest boy is 17 next month and he has graduated homeschool and is undertaking a uni degree via the Open uni.. I will write about his homeschool journey sometime soon. If you had told me he would be starting uni studies at 16 when we first started homeschooling I would not have believed it. Deciding to homeschool was the best decision we ever made for our family and I have never regretted it. We took our son out of the local rural primary school at age 6 which did not go down well and people thought we were strange and still do I think... we are the only homeschool family at church and my local support group folded several years ago when most of the people attending put their kids back into school. I knew God wanted us to finish the race so we kept going. This is partly why I decided to start a blog, to connect with some other homeschoolers and meet people who cherish family life as we do. If there is anything you want to ask me please do. I'm hoping to set up an email just for the blog soon. I will sign up to follow your blog to keep up with your news.

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