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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Don´t you just love the sound of rain on a tin roof....the pitter, patter, pitter, patter that just relaxes you & makes you want to forget all your responsibilities & just stay in bed all day!! (Give me a warm quilt & a good book...).
Well we´ve been getting bucket loads in the last week - & no one´s complaining. In fact for us it is perfectly timed - you see we finished planting (well everything but the firebreaks) last Monday (not yesterday-week before). The rain really seemed to set in that evening & we've seen rain each day since them (with the last couple being almost non-stop)!!!
The only reason I hadn't posted earlier is because I didn't actually have any pictures of the tractor doing the planting - I was going to wait til Dave sowed the firebreaks, but that may be a while as things need to dry out first...

...but anyway here he is looking dirty & wild - like a good farmer should!!! LOL - he's actually reading this over my shoulder as I type!! (Being the attentive husband that he is he just added..)

Planting is really exciting - for us it´s our second year & so we have a tiny bit more knowledge than last year (you couldn't really have less -LOL). Here it´s also described as the ¨biggest legalised gambling¨ ever - you see it´s dry ground planting - we rely on God for all the moisture in the soil to keep the plants alive (no irrigation around here) - in fact it´s really all about faith that God has our best in mind (easy to say, but very difficult at times to believe - especially for our neighbours & friends who have seen many bad years all in a row).
This is from standing on the combine - gives me a few metres more of height (any extra would be useful, I'm kinda lacking in that department!!)

So we planted the way we´d planned with 50 acres of triticale (we still had some seed left over from last year) & 80 odd acres of barley under sown with clover - the aim of this is to still get some income off the paddock, but then to establish pasture so we can buy some lambs in & fatten them up quickly ( of course I´d LOVE to add a jersey cow as well...and maybe a piglet to the list....hint, hint Dave!!). (This is the barley seeds (red) with the clover seeds on top - I thought they looked so pretty lying their with their contrasting colours (actually caused from different seed inoculates).)

We know this is early days & the season still has a long way to go - but we sure are thankful for a great start!!!!
As for tomorrow, well we checked the forecast this morning (Dave does this every morning - he is becoming such a farmer!!) expecting it to say rain - but to our surprise it says:
Wednesday Forecast: SNOW & Wind!!!!
It will be interesting to see how these poor ex-QLDers handle it!!! (Even the locals are surprised at the forecast as they haven´t had snow before). - we keep thinking it´s a mistake, but it´s actually changed from snow & rain!?!?!? Sunday before last was such a pretty day!

We shall see (in the meantime our heating bill is going through the roof - but at least we´re warm & dry!!)!


Saminda said...

Renata, thank you for letting us know all the little details of farm life! I find it so interesting... I know there's a farm girl inside me!! And definitely in my children- not sure about Stu though! SO glad you've had some rain, that is wonderful news. And SNOW???? Wow!! Make sure you take pictures if that happens! I'm sure your kids are excited about the prospect, if they're anything like mine! When we mentioned the possibility of coming down to visit you guys, Saraya actually thought you lived in a snowy place and I said 'no, it would never snow there'! So I guess anything's possible! (though certainly not in Summer....) :)
All the best with your crop, and I'll pray Dave agrees to the piglet- you'd have your own little Wilbur. I adore piglets!! Have you read 'Charlotte's Web' with your children? I'm sure they'd love it! 'Farmer Boy' by Laura Ingalls Wilder, too.
Okay, I'll stop rambling now and go put on some washing. :) Have a great week!

Mum-me said...

That's wonderful that you've gotten rain just when you need it for the crops. I am interested that you sow barely and clover together - what is the reason for that?

We have snow and hail forecast for today too, and there is snow on the mountains west of Canberra.

Kimmie said...

snow? really...did it...really?

I love how you have become farmers, I love how you share what you learn.

Keep it up, you make all of our hearts more joyful.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Grandma said...

Hi Renata, Hope you're coping with the cold. Even sunny Qld is cold (though nowhere near as cold). Dad wants to head north for the winter I think!!! Apparently tomorrow is supposed to be very cold here. When I took Nity to school some of the primary kids were wearing shorts & t-shirts!!! Nity thought they had rocks in their head as she discovered the car heater warmed her frozen hands (she was driving of course)!We're so thankful that you've had rain - hope those tanks are filling up for you. Give all the lovelies a great big warm hug from us. Lots of love to you all, Mum xxxxxxxxx

Grandma said...

ps hope your 'legalized gambling' venture makes you a fortune!!! (lol) - Seriously though, we often don't think of praying that God will send the right amount of rain at the right time to our nation's farms - and yet we are so dependent on them for our food supply! It must be cold down there, cos Dave is wearing long sleeves & pants!!!!!! Take care & God bless. Lots of love Mumxxxxxxx

Aunty Sel said...

Hey Narn,
Hope you are organising for some warm weather for when I arrive...don't worry I'll bring my snow suit ;-)
Happy days,
will talk to you later,

the happy sparrow said...

hi there renata - so great the rain has reached you and your crops! I have been really enjoying catching up on reading your blog since coming back from overseas. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments!
I'm so glad the first month of your homeschooling journey is going well - its amazing to hear the positive impact homeschooling is having for your family. I also loved seeing the photo of your pamper day - you looked like a princess! Very beautiful!
Love Martine

Sandra said...

Did you say snow? Brrr! But it's wonderful news about the rain. It sure will make a difference to your crop. You guys sure have learnt a lot this last year, haven't you? And doing pretty well I think. Keep warm!

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Love reading about your farming experiences!!! Glad rain came your way too!!

I am sooo with you on farming and gambling being very comparable!!! LOL

Leah said...

A forecast of snow and rain is odd but it hints at not much snow; rain just means it's not cold enough for snow, and then proceeds to melt all the snow away :(

Hooray for snow though :) I hope you got some.

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