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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lately I've been feeling kinda "boxed-in" at home. What with home schooling now we often go for days without leaving the farm & some days the only time I leave the house yard is to feed the chooks & check on the animals, so I've really been feeling isolated - I guess winter doesn't help - especially the cold days where no one wants to go outside!
I've been praying a lot about needing a friend - now I know I have many who are distanced, but I've been lonely & asked God for a friend close by who would understand our home school choice. On Wednesday I was shopping & ran into a lady who I was very close to but haven't seen for a while - it was just wonderful to chat to her & she completely understands why we home school - in fact I'm sure she would as well if she had more children. So now we plan on getting together & I can't wait - isn't God wonderful how he answers prayers. We were also surprised this week to receive another phone call from Steve & Kate saying they were passing through on their way home from the snow. It was wonderful to just sit & chat with another adult female - as much as I love my new friends here it's always great to talk to someone who has known you for many years!!!!
Anyway I finally talked to Dave about how I was feeling last night & we decided to take a day trip to Griffith today ( we have only been there once before as it's a bit of a hike)- oh it was so good to go & get takeaway & relax & look at shops in a real shopping centre (Dave even watched the kids at the park while I browsed in a couple of nearby shops - I looked at everything - bought nothing, but had fun anyway!!!) - the city girl in me got her fix!!!!
We even went to Everyday Living (our favourite furniture & decorating shop ever). It was so fun looking at everything & daydreaming about the BIG table that we want - although not as relaxing with 4 children around so many odds & ends - I was however also able to buy part of Zai's birthday present there (YAY!!!)!
We were also going to go to the movies, but once we worked out how much it would cost us now the twins are 3, we decided to just buy a new release movie instead & the kids can watch it on the projector at home -am I old if I can remember when we used to pay only $6 for movies?????
Now it's $9 just for children & $13 for adults!?!?!?!
One of our last stops was Bunnings so Dave could pick up some speaker cable as he's moved our home theatre out of the school room & into the lounge. (Sorry for taking over the theatre room honey!!!) Anyway as we were leaving the greeter was giving courtesy stamps to the children - & I mean not just a stamp on the hand, but the actual stamps. I needed one last stop before heading home & when I returned to the car Dave was sleeping in the front & in the back row I saw this....
Thankfully it washes out OK - by the time we had arrived home it was even worse & Eli had it in his hair as well!!!!!
If your children are ever offered a courtesy Bunnings stamp, my advise is say "No thanks" & run!!!!!!
(Don't you just love Miss Ellie's "lipstick"!!!)

Looking forward to another trip to Griffith soon as there is a historic village I would love to take the children to visit - very educational of course!!! (not to mention one of my favourite subjects - history!!)


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Hi Renata!
I can identify with how you are feeling! We only live 10 minutes drive from our small town but I do not have any close friends, i.e those I see to talk with on a regular basis, who truly understand our lifestyle. Of course we have friends at church but we are the only homeschool family. I used to be in touch with a lot of other homeschoolers both in this town and in the city but when they returned their children to school, their lives became super busy with sports, parent/teacher meetings and all that being at school entails and of course they no longer needed to call me for advice about homeschooling. I'm so pleased to have discovered blogging as I know there are other families out there who also believe in homeschooling!
If you ever take a trip up north you are more than welcome to come and visit us on the NSW mid north coast. There is an Everyday Living store here too! We have bought a lot of our furniture from there. Did you know that Diana Waring is coming to Aus for homeschool conferences in Sept/Oct. I'm thinking of going to the Inverell conference but it involves a long drive so not sure yet. I went to one of her conferences years ago and she is an inspiration!

Christy Walsh said...

Hi Renata! It is amazing how God answers our prayers...I've prayed about meeting new friends - especially when we moved state and it's amazing how quickly He answers! If you ever want a weekend are more than welcome to come and stay...although it is still a 6 hour drive :(
Glad to hear you got your city fix! I love Everyday Living as well!! Love the stamp photos!! Particularly Ellie's "lipstick"!!

Nita said...

hey baby narn,
oh lovely chickens, thats a pretty good quality stamp, usually free-bes only last for about three stamps then die... =)
i have to go back to school on wednesday... only one semester left forever... does that make u feel very old??? lol
History is definately the best subject.i went to the Abbey Medieval Festival on Sat and got to dress up in a hidious costume and had lots of fun... u should come up some year when its on and take Zai... he would love it
Miss u all lots and lots and lots
love Nita xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Happy Sparrow said...

hi there renata! the photos of the kids are hilarious!! i bet they had fun!! im so glad the Lord has answered your prayers...lots of love, Martine

Grandma said...

Hi Narn, Just love Ellie's lovely nose - tell her it looked like a clown nose!!!! Eli's hair looks rather nice too!! Stamps are definitely not a good idea - a bit like those painful people in shopping centres who give children balloons - you then have something else to keep an eye on gggrrrrr.....Anyway, the kids looked like they loved it!!!!
Glad your day in Griffith went well - maybe I could come with you if I ever get there for a visit!!!!
Will pray that you do find a friend or two or three..
Now you know why we never took you all to the movies much when you were young - they were those sort of prices then went down when AMC opened, but have increased again I think! Hope Dave got your theatre system set up in its new location!
Will call you later
Lots of love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Grandma said...

ps. In the top photos, the twins (especially the one on our right) looks so much like your cousin Dion!!!! Isn't it amazing how different family resemblences come out in different photos!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

simone17 said...

Hi Renata, I loved reading all about your day out. It is very understandable how you have been feeling and I'd say very normal. Good of your hubby to take you somewhere far and see something totally different (like real shops lol), a girl must have that some days! I understand too how you feel about friends. All my family is 24hrs by plane away and my old friends and while I've made new friends here, there's nothing like someone who has known you before you became a mother/wife etc. I wish you luck for finding a close friend!

Aunty Sel said...

Hi Narn,
So glad your prayers have been answered, will pray for more friends for you too.
The kids look gorgous, Ellie has a fantastic pose to go with the makeup.
Have been totally luving skiing today,
luv to you all

Saminda said...

Renata, hooray for answered prayer!! God really cares about us, doesn't he?! Even in those little things that help us so much. :)
So glad you and Dave and the kids got to have a day of adventures- and shopping (even window shopping), that always helps!!
LOL to the stamps..... that is so funny. :) What a sight to behold, and so funny that Dave was asleep. That's JUST the sort of thing that would happen in our family. :)
Have a great week Renata,
Saminda. xo

Sandra said...

I would have to agree, that stamp sure went a long way. They both look very colourful.
I'm glad you've met someone to chat with. City or country, it can be hard to find people to be close with. But God will see you right :)
I upgraded internet explorer and I think that is the problem with me getting on your site. I don't think it's anything on your end. Brett had an idea to fix it and we cleared some things but then we had different problems. I'll work it out soon. Till then I'll just sneak up on you by a round about way.

Heather said...

Renata, the kids are adorable (though I can understand why you thought the stamps were a bit much).

I often feel isolated too, but I tend to isolate myself, especially when I don't feel well. When I was particularly frustrated after Cakes was born, I joined a mother's group at our church. It was MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), and it was a nice break for me each month. Do you have anything like that at your church?

OurCrazyFarm said...

Hello Renata! It has been so fun to read your blog! I'm glad that you signed up to follow my blog so we have "met" through the world-wide-web. Sounds like we have lots in common, even tho we live half way around the world from each other:) I look forward to checking in on your farm and family. I loved the post about the Bee-man who honks so the farm wives can get dressed to meet him:)So true! ~ Terri

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Oh my!!!! lol

Mummy McTavish said...

Oh no, not a stamp in the hands of kids! Wolf lets the boys go crazy with the stamps at work... usually when I am on my way to take them somewhere and had worked hard to keep them looking clean.

So glad you re-connected with your friend. I hope you get lots more chances to catch up!

Kate said...

The lipstick kills me. I mean, what else are stamps for? :)

It was so lovely visiting....the kids talk about you all every're never far from our thoughts and prayers. We're only a little drive away :) xo

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