Birthday, Ballet & Show Day!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thank you to everyone for your lovely birthday comments!!
I had a fantastic day. We had 16 people at Sunnyside for the day & it was so much fun! I really enjoyed my day (& the whole weekend). We did a big breakfast BBQ outside for breaky - bacon/eggs/baked beans/onion/toast & Dave's special apple muffin cake!
My friend & her mum also made a special birthday dinner! YUM!

Mud cakes for the birthday cake - delicious!

Sunnyside actually turned into a caravan park for the weekend (we were joking about the extravagent fees!!!LOL) We had 3 caravans parked here & it was so much fun to go "visiting". Here's the handsome "caretaker"!
On Saturday the dance school Ellie attends for ballet had a display at the local show. Ellie had been counting down the days & she LOVED getting dressed up in her costume.

I was slightly concerned because we'd only been back for 2 practices (due to our holiday) & I wasn't sure how El would go, but put that girl in front of an audience & she performed - her whole class did really well - I think all the mum's were holding their breaths as it was most of the girls' first performances.

Trying to chose pictures without the other girls was difficult - a bit of cropping for these photos - sorry about the quality.

At the end a very happy girl!!
Doesn't the blue sky look beautiful - about 5 minutes later it started raining & we all ran for cover.

Since we were at the show.....well we thought we'd have a look around!

My favourite part would have to have been the poultry surprise there!
I got the phone number of a lady who breeds chooks & she said she'll have some ready for end of October (not that I'm counting the days or anything LOL) - I think I know what I'm going to spend my birthday money on!!!

Zai & Dave had fun on the dodgem cars
The children were allowed one ride each & one treat each - Zai got rubber band guns & Ellie chose a wallet. It was only as we drove home that we realised Eli & Jud hadn't had either a ride or a treat - I bagged up a few sour worms each & they were happy!!! (Don't you love 3 year olds)!

Ellie had a ride with one of her favourite "uncles"!

(She was being jolted around a lot - I'm not sure if she'll have another ride for a while!)
Then the parents looked through more pavilions - I really enjoyed this & now have the idea to put some stuff in next year.

I think the kids had had enough!

Overall we had such a fun time!

"Hats off" to the show (even if Mum did forget about a ride for us!!)

I had such a fantastic birthday weekend.
We have more visitors coming at the end of this week as well, so I'll probably be absent for a while longer!


Grandma said...

Aaawww.....what a gorgeous little princess (El & her dancing) - she looked so beautiful. So glad you had a lovely birthday, and then a great day at the show (even if poor lil Eli & Jud missed out on their ride!!! - they look happy enough - a bit tired maybe!)
Hope you're all having a great week - lots and lots and lots of love to all from Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

aunty sel said...

Hey Narn,
Lovely photo's, Ellie looks beautiful in her costume dancing. Glad you had a great birthday,

the happy sparrow said...

Renata! It looks like you had a wonderful birthday weekend! The show would have a been heaps of fun too!
I love country shows! :) Martine

NITA!!!! said...

hey narn, wow, 30 hey...... i will say no more... hehe
ellie looks beautiful, i saw the Russian Imperial Ballet dance Swan Lake at the Lyric Theatre on Sunday, it was amazing and lovely, im sure Ellie will be just as good one day... =) im very jealous lol
luv u lots and lots

Mum-me said...

Glad you had a great birthday!

Loved seeing the photos of your little ballerina. She looked happy, excited, and beautiful.

Hope the days don't drag too slowly until you get your chooks.

Bobbie-Jo said...

Your ballerina is a Beauty!

Leanne said...

The little ballerina is sure cute and so good to take pictures of!

Don't you love to spend special days with your loved ones? That's the best birthday present ever, to my mind.

So, how does 30 feel? I remember turning 30, being so nervous leading up to it, sure that I would feel so much older....well, here I am staring at the short side of 40 and I think THAT feels old!

Take care and stay young!

Sandra said...

Happy birthday Renata!
Jimmy turned 60 last week if that makes you feel better.
Ellie looked adorable. You must be vey proud.

BoufMom9 said...

Sounds like you have been spending some good quality time together. LOVE the ballet costume! Just adorable!

How is schooling going? It's slow here, but the kids are happy :)

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