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Friday, October 9, 2009

Why oh why do they not sign post country roads properly???

Yesterday after Dave's sis & family left the children & I jumped into the car endeavouring to go to our friend's place in a town 1 1/2 hrs away. I'd never been to this town & so was following a map off the internet - fine - sounds great - except I couldn't find the main road to turn into to get to the town. I drove along looking for "B____ Hall Road" (can't remember the first name). Couldn't see it - so I kept on driving - still couldn't see it - kept on a bit longer - this time I got smarter & used the odometer for another 5kms (I figured I'd been at least 3 kms from the last town & the road was only 8 kms from it) O.K. Maybe I'd missed it somewhere - I turned around - still couldn't find it on the 20 kms back to town (Yeah I know I sure had gone more than 3 kms from town - when you do these long drives here out west the scenery tends to blend in & so I completely lost track of distance. ) Well this time I got smart & totally used my odometer - do you know what the road was called "Huen______ Road" - Hmmmmm I wish that the internet mappy people would get the names correct - as sign posted. So I continued on (using the odometer) & the next road wasn't even sign posted - & neither was the next or the next. Eventually I got into their town & then the map hadn't said I had to turn right before left to get to their road - so I got lost again. (I think this is the first time I've ever gotten lost while driving - usually I can find anything.) I had to call my friend for directions - do you know what should have taken 1 1/2 hrs took me 2 1/2.Ellie showing off her licorice bowling style at the Junee chocolate & licorice factory - definitely worth an outing - lots of fun!

Thankfully I'd left an hour early because we were going for an "Olympic games" & let me tell you the boys (with their dad's help) who ran it did a great job - as good as any sports carnival & of course I got to chat to my friend who is another home schooling mum - the little kids all played - it was a great day out. As for coming home - well I went a completely different way - because I wanted to see what the nearby towns looked like!

We sure had a fantastic time with this gorgeous family!

I've been kinda absent & it's hard to believe it's already the 9th of October & my first blog post for the month. Dave's sister & her family have been visiting for the last week & left yesterday morning. We've been enjoying having so many visitors (we are completely spoilt this spring!) but it does make it hard to jump on the internet very often.

Uncle Simon turned farmer & slashed some paddocks for us (& we're not going to believe it's so he could get out of the house away from the NOISY children!!LOL)

I do have a question - when do you blog? Do you have a set time or do you do it randomly during the day?
Another question - do you post every one's pictures on your blog? - I've been only posting people who actually blog themselves unless I ask them. Is there some kind of protocol?

Morning playing in our house!

Today is school holidays for us, but I'm getting the children back into their schoolwork next Tuesday (because we're off to church camp tonight in Canberra & I figure we'll all be tired on Monday) & when they're back to school I'm finding it difficult to blog regularly (thus the lack of posts in the last few months). I also feel bad that I'm so behind in catching up on all my friends posts - sorry guys I'll get there eventually :).

Hope you have a great weekend - I had better go & throw some more washing into the washing machine (isn't that a constant job!!LOL - not that I mind - I actually enjoy hanging washing on the clothesline - strange hey!)


Sandra said...

That was very helpful of Simon to do that slashing for you. I'm sure he enjoyed the chance to play farmer. And so glad you had a nice visit from Kylie and her family. It's been so long since I've talked to her :( My laziness.
As to when to post. I think it's healthy to make sure you do the other things that are your priorities, like schooling and visitors. We'll still love ya.
I've been posting more regularly lately because I am on the computer a lot doing (avoiding) assignments. But that will soon change.
Take care and hello to your lovely family.

Kimmie said...

Sounds like a great reason to NOT blog. Glad you've had such nice times with your family and friends (face to face)...!

Glad you are back.

I post when I get time...nothing set.

Posting others pictures...all my friends know that I carry my camera and that if I take your picture it *could* end up on the blog....though I try to keep it to just my family...some parents don't want their children posted on the internet (especially with their names)...I can relate to that...not sure if this helps at all.

Thank you for rejoicing and joining us in prayer to bring our newest daughter home from Ethiopia

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Peta said...

Hi Renata...our KIA is FANTASTIC..I still drool over it(lol) and have to keep pinching myself that I actually have one. We had a nimbus for years then a mitsubishi starwagon...but we have always wanted a KIA..last year when we needed to buy a 9 seater (we were tired of taking two cars everywhere) we thought we would have to buy a hiace or VW carrivel(which you can get in a 10seater, allthough rare) but a friendly salesman informed us we could have our KIA and just get another seat added to it..much cheaper than the hiace or carrivel.they took out the husg centre console and added a single seat..We love it and it is perfect for us. It runs well, doesnt use as much petrol as we thought it would and basically I would recomend it to anyone..but if you get one get the side steps added..they look really good(lol) anyway hope this helps..Peta

Mummy McTavish said...

I post when I get a chance. Sometimes I make a point of doing it as a "time out for mummy" if I feel I need a break from the craziness other times it's just gotta wait. I tried setting aside time for it but some days there was not much to read or post and others I couldnt catch up in the time I set aside. I figure as long as I pay attention to how much time it's consuming and make sure it's not my first priority I should manage okay.

I've had run-ins with internet map makers too... saying streets connect up when they don't, saying they don't and I take a much longer way and then find that they did connect. Glad you finally made it and had a great day.

Enjoy your weekend.

Saminda said...

Hey Renata!! :)
So glad you've been enjoying lots of visitors!
i mostly blog at night, after littlies are sleeping. :)
NIce to read what you've been up to!

Aunty sel said...

Hey Narn,
Nice photo's!! The twins look so gorgous, and so do you. Have a great weekend,

Leanne said...

My head is spinning! I'd have given up long ago and gone home! I'm not one that is a confident motorist, and my husband calls me directionally challenged! It's true...

Glad you got where you meant to go and glad you had such a good time. I guess it was worth it, huh?

I blog whenever I can, I don't have a set time, and normally, I can't figure out how to get pictures on my posts anywhere but at the top, so I don't include a lot of pics. There must be a secret I'm missing, because every single blog I read has beautiful pictures interspersed throughout their posts...

So, have great holidays and see you back soon!

Grandma said...

Sounds like you need to visit the RACQ (or your equivalent) and get some maps!!!!! I guess they don't do refidexes for country areas - there'd be lots of pages with just a single line on them (lol).....anyway, so glad you all had a great day. Praying that you'll be really blessed (or will have been by the time you read this) at your camp. Looking after family and spending time with friends is probably actually more important than blogging and catching up on other's blogs - mind you we all love checking out yours!!
Lots & lots of love to all - Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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