To catch a lamb...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

...Well 11 actually
First, you must put the few that are in the actual paddock they should be in into the pen where you want them....easy done - get your little farmhands to help!!!
Oops wrong setting on the camera - oh well can't be helped!

Next find the missing seven.....
Can you spy those fluffy little bottoms in the distance?

Call on all your farmhands to help...set up the children in one position....bring the troublemaker with you so he doesn't get in the way (I mean Snowy here!!).

Awww isn't he cute?!?!?

As you walk down the adjourning paddock to the one the lambs currently occupy, enjoy God's creation. If you look closely you'll see a flock of galah's in the tree.

I love galah's - just don't tell the farmers as they're a nuisance - but they're oh so lovely!

Wait.... back on track Renata!!
(Have I told you that I'm easily distracted at times!)
Enter "lamb occupied" paddock by far end!
(Once again look closely for some fluffy bottoms!)

Give chase once they're heading in the right direction...

obviously no pictures until they're in the paddock we want them!
Did I say that Snowy was no help?
Well this picture makes him look like a real farm dog!

Unfortunately about 10 seconds later the lambs hit a corner & turned & ran towards him- he ran away fast!!!

My other helpers!!

After the lambs were all penned, we pulled them out one by one -with Zai & Ellie catching them in one pen & putting them into the pen I occupied with the blowfly paint (to stop them getting flies - horrible condition - eaten alive essentially - even more nauseating in real life than that sounds.). Then I chased them around a 5 x 3 M pen until I could jump on them & hold them head backwards between my legs to paint those fluffy rears before releasing them.

All finished...job well done. We caught one with flies, so hopefully it's just in time!
Couldn't have done it without my helpers!


Sandra said...

What great helpers! And what a tricky job. Can't get over how white Snowy is,even after all that running around. Hope all that effort keeps the flies at bay.

Grandma said...

Awwww.......they're all so gorgeous...the kids & Snowy - ok so are the lambs. Glad you had a bit more success rounding them up and catching them than you did the sheep last year!!!! Your galahs remind me of our cockatoos here...They are such magnificent birds to watch (even as they destroy our passionfruit crop!!!). I guess we should be happy that God uses our passionfruits to feed them. I can understand why farmers aren't so fussed on them..we didn't even get enough passionfruits this year to make one jar of passionfruit butter!!! If only they ate the whole passionfruit instead of just taking a couple of bites of the green ones....
It looks lovely and green down there, but a bit coo (seeing the kiddos wearing their longs.
give them all a big hug & kiss. lots of love to you all Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saminda said...

What wonderful helpers they are!!! I know my kids would pay you to let them help with a chore like this one - well, if they had any money that is! :) I just love your dog- what sort is he??
Great job on the rounding up, I'm impressed!!

Frizzy said...

What a fun time and a lot of work too. Those flies sound horrible. I hope you got to them in time. Also, that dog is adorable.

Heather said...

Your kids must have such a great time living on the farm! My girls would love chasing lambs and having a big fluffy dog to play with (he's so cute).

Alas, we have nowhere to keep a dog, so they're out of luck. They'll have to just be content with old Pumpkin.

Grannysaurus said...

Wow, the countryside is looking so green, Snowy is looking so big, the lambs look so white . . . well white-ish, which is good for Australian lambs. Great photos and great fun (or work as the case may be).

Mum-me said...

Looks like fun, apart from the bit where you have to apply the fly paint.

We spent one of our holidays at a farm near Crookwell (near Goulburn) and the children just loved rounding up the sheep on their bikes. Out of all our holidays it is the one they keep asking "Can we go back there?"

Aunty Sel said...

Hey Narn,
They are all soooooo cute!!! Snowy is so big now, he's grown heaps.
The kiddies are all gorgous, give them all a hug from luv,

PS Check your e-mail....

Cassandra-ann said...

Look how big your puppy is now!
I bet the kids loved catching the lambs, i wish we could get some lambs, they are so much cuter than cows (i think)

Cassandra xx

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Spraying for flies sounds like a needed thing. Glad you didnt go into too deep of detail tho. Eeeew.

Rounding up the sheep and all with your helpers was a fun read!!

Kimmie said...

Great lamb spotting Renata...looks like you get loads of help. And that fluffy Snowy is just too can you not just squeeze him.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

BoufMom9 said...

So glad you caught them! LOL about you losing track... we all get a little ADHD sometimes, don't we?

ps How's homeschooling going for you? We're off to a very slow start, as we're still "moving"...UGH!

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