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Friday, September 4, 2009

I love Friday afternoons. The children are finished with their schoolwork for the week & a peacefulness has settled over the household - weekend mode is well & truly on!!! YAY!!!
At the moment they're all sitting down eating apples & watching the West Ladies DVD on bread making - I know we're going to have culinary creations happening before too long, but that's alright.
I thought since all is calm I'd take a quick walk & check on our newest little arrivals here on Sunnyside:
That's right...I was able to get 3 half grown hens yesterday when we went to the city for home school group. I was hoping to pick up some point of lay chickens, but have really given up hope as it seems that chickens are very popular at the moment, so I'll have to be happy with buying friend's eggs until December. I also am hoping to add a lot more to the chook shed - 3 lonely hens just doesn't seem right! (Plus I love getting lots of eggs)!
While away we also got more additions here:

12 incredibly sweet little lambies!

Now I know that this is a terrible picture, but they sure are scared of you!

Some friends had heard me cooing over my lambs from Hot Chocolate (yeah I'm sure they think I'm strange with them owning thousands of sheep and all). Anyway they asked if I wanted any more lambs with black in them (farmers don't like black sheep as you have to shear them separately as the demand for white wool is high). Now I'm partial to black lambs - they sure are cute,and since we're not particularly concerned about our wool quality, I eagerly accepted their offer. While away Dave took delivery of them fresh off their mothers. They all have different black markings & I daresay I'll never get them named properly, but hey now our sheep count is 25.....practically market sized!!!LOL - just joking!

Any name suggestions?

I love spring! (probably helps that my birthday is in it - although not particularly looking forward to that milestone this year). This beautiful warm weather is just perfect! It rained last night & you can still smell it in the air. A perfect time to be outside (OK I know I'm sitting here at the computer, but I'll go outside once this is posted!)
One of the things I really enjoy here are these little flowers that appear in the grass each September. Now I know they're a weed, but I'm sure glad God put this particular weed here (although don't tell Dave!)
Aren't they just beautiful!

I hope you're enjoying your Friday afternoon as much as I am.

I 'd best go as I have washing to hang on the clothesline.

Have a nice weekend!


Saminda said...

Renata, this was a beautiful post! Full of the sweet things of life. :) Your farm is so beautiful. I just love those little lambs, and your "weed" - good enough to pick a bunch and put in a vase I'd say!! :) Glad you had such a lovely Friday. Yes, ours was nice too- just household chores and some lessons with the children and a good rest this afternoon. And now it's the weekend, hooray!!
love, Saminda xo

Heather said...

I'm actually partial to that particular weed too. It grows wild in ditches here, and it reminds me of Black-Eyed Susans, which I love. They're just so cheerful!

Aunty Sel said...

Hey Narn,
Sounds like it is lovely down there at the moment. The flowers and lambies are beautiful.
I spent my friday afternoon working....poor little me...
Have a happy weekend, give us a call if your board..

Leanne said...


You're back! I've been peeking in at your blog just to see if you got back...and here you are!!

Your holiday looks like it was super good. I'm glad you had such a fun time. I'm also really glad that the medical issue isn't serious. I was a bit worried over it...

We really like the West ladies videos too. We just watched the one on Herbs last night, and watched the canning one and the gardening one on previous nights. The canning one lit a fire under my bum and boy, have I been canning lately!! I LOVE to can, and Monday my mate and I did 13 quarts of pears and 40 quarts of peaches. Yesterday I did 9 jars of jams and 1 and a half jars of sauerkraut. Next week I think me and my mate are going to buckle down and do some pickled carrots!

Whew! I guess I had a lot to catch you up on!

That pink shirt looks smashing on you, ducks, and your lambies are simply darling! I think you ought to name the one with the black patch over his eye "Pirate".

Anyway, take good care of you and we'll talk soon!

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

The lambs are adorable!! Lovely "weeds"! Enjoy summer!

Saminda said...

Hey there Renata,
After struggling with traditional workbooks, praying heaps and reading a book called "Learning all the Time" by John Holt last month, I have officially ditched curriculum for the moment. Shhh!!! Don't tell my family! I'm a bit afraid of what others may think of this, but stu and I are very comfortable with this decision for now. I am now recording everything Saraya does as she does it through the day in my notebook - and I've been amazed at how much learning goes on without me bossing the whole thing. I put out materials and allow the children to explore them. I read to them heaps. I suggest activities, take them places and involve them in virtually everything I do. I know her literacy is great and am not worried about that. Stu does maths with her on saturdays and we do spontaneous math as it happens through the week (eg. handling money). Having said that, she was very interested in our skeletons so I purchased a good workbook for us to go through to extend that. I probably sit her down to do a formal "something" most days- but that is it. Next year we'll step up a bit, but for now this is a very stress-free, fun way to homeschool! Saminda xo

BoufMom9 said...

ahhhh, life on the farm just seems to make you stop and "smell the flowers"....
beautiful post :)

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