Sandra's giveaway!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

This beautiful lady:

is having a giveaway on HER BLOG!!

Sandra is one of the nicest people I know - she's even nicer in real life if that's possible. I was blessed enough to work with her many years ago (well 6 to be exact). She's having a lighting giveaway on HER BLOG, so go & check it out! You'd better be quick however because it's finishing on the 11th!

This photo was taken 9 years ago - look how young Dave looks on the left! Some people from our work did the BV100 - a 100 km kayaking "race". It was so much fun! We (being radiographers) dressed up in some scrubs as our teams costume! Ahh those were the good old days careless & child free, complete with inexperienced rowers & leaky, sinking kayaks! LOL!!


aunty sel said...

ah, the child free days!!!
oh well, at least you have littlies to hug,

Ana said...

so sweet, thanks for sharing!♥

Sandra said...

Ha! What a delightful expression I have on my face! And it's not only your Dave who looks younger but my Brett too.
I was soooo unprepared for that race. It was a lot of fun though. The next year I was pregnant so I got out of it.
Work hasn't done it for a few years because there wasn't enough water in the river.
Those were the days!
Good luck with your entries!

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