Glad over chocolate slice rescue!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Kimmie from over the moon with joy has started the Glad game after reading Pollyanna to her children (I always loved that book when I was younger)!
I enjoy joining in because I need to keep a proper perspective - it's just so easy to look at the not so nice things & forget about the nice things. So that's what the glad game is all about finding the nice things in the not-so-nice!
On Wednesday I was on the telephone to my sister while hanging out the wet washing on the washing line out back ( I always try & do something while talking on the phone - I often do washing/cleaning/ baking - I've even done preserving before - you should try it next time you have a long phone call! )
Anyway when I walked inside I went into the kitchen only to find two sweet innocent boys...
Any guesses who they are...
Awww aren't they sweet there feeding Ellie's babies porridge!
Yes those two
With the hot oven open, a pot holder in one hand each & a spoon in the other hand each...
Eating the chocolate slice while it was baking straight out of the oven!!

You can imagine how frustrated I was (while my sister & then mother laughed their head off!)
So onto the glad game..
* Well obviously I am glad they had the good sense to use potholders & not get burnt;
* I am glad for a teachable moment (discipline) over an area I would never have thought of before (I mean who eats straight from the oven - straight from the fridge I've heard of - oh & disciplined over before ( these two add character lines to my face & grey hairs to my hairline!!LOL))
* I am glad they didn't eat all the chocolate slice & I could cover up the evidence with icing (OK I may have been having chocolate cravings!!!)
* I am glad for providing my sweet sister & darling mother with endless amounts of entertainment!! (Because what else are nephews/grandsons for if not providing entertainment!)
If you would like to join in the glad game go & visit KIMMIE (who has such a beautiful heart for God)!


Mum-me said...

What a pair of characters they are!

Heather said...

Oh my gosh! And here I thought I'd seen it all with Cakes, but she's never done that (yet).

I tell you, if she and the boys got together, we wouldn't stand a chance!

Mummy McTavish said...

I can't believe they even thought of it! Way to think outside the box boys!!! I guess when you are the littlest ones in the family you've gotta get it while you can :)

Kimmie said...


Straight out of the oven? Wow, maybe they could train to be fire-eaters?!

Glad the did use potholders...well, I imagine if they didn't they never would have made it to the eating stage of this story.

thanks for playing...and thanks for the kind words.

My heart was a little down, as I am still fighting something...and we got news that the photo album that was to be sent to our new daughter in Ethiopia, isn't. The agency's director said maybe it will go with her if she goes in JANUARY. it means she doesn't know what her new family looks like, won't receive the new clothes, or paper hearts to wear around her neck while she waits for us to come for her. sigh.

I'll try to be glad...maybe by next week I can come up with something if I think real hard.

thanks again sweet friend;
mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Saminda said...

Oh my goodness, that is hilarious!!! Though I'm sure it wasn't at the time. ;) They are tricksters that's for sure! I too love Kimmie's blog, and her heart for God. And I too always continue working whilst on the phone!

Ana said...

Lol! kids... they are sooo creative, inventive ans unique!

aunty sel said...

Hey Narn,
It is nice to be provided with entertainment, I got to share the story with Martine yesterday when she was over. I am glad that I have lovely nephews and niece,

Grandma said...

Sorry Narn, but I can't help myself - it still provides entertainment for my little mind hahahahah!!!!!!! lovl!!
As you mentioned - did they discuss it first or just go and do it???? The mind boggles!!!! Nothing like keeping you on your toes........Just think of all the good qualities they'll assist in developing in your life (patience,!)
Sorry, but I can't help myself - it is very funny (I know we wouldn't think it was funny if they'd gotten burnt - but at least they've taken on board that you have to use a pot-holder when handling hot stuff!!!
Anyway, hope Ellie's babies enjoyed their porridge!!
Lots of love
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kath said...

I laughed out loud and made my kids wonder if I was "smokin something" when I read this!!!
The things we have to go through to entertain others!! LOL

They must of been having a chocolate craving too!!! Thats quite a craving tho to eat it straight from the oven!! LOL

Sandra said...

Oh my! They are very determined and resourceful souls, aren't they?
Glad you can see the funny side now.

BoufMom9 said...

OMGoodness! That is crazy! Thank God they didn't burn themselves. (although must say the idea of eating yummy hot chocolate straight from the oven...YUM!)

What a fun meme idea!

ps This is where i got my signature for my blog:

aunty sel said...

hey narn,
check your e-mail, I sent you through some photo's from a couple of weeks ago!!

Naomi said...

I have enjoyed visiting your blog tonight, so just thought I'd say 'hi!'. Your children are beautiful and I love the story about your boys. Blessings, Naomi

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