5 senses of Christmas

Saturday, December 5, 2009


A star greets all who pass by Sunnyside.
A Christmas tree embellished with twinkling lights, baubles, tinsel & decorations that mean more for their sentimentality than for their appearance is positioned in a vacant corner.
Tinsel draped over windows brings a festive feel to other rooms.
Homemade wreaths welcome one & all to celebrate our Saviours' birth.
Pine cones decorated by the children sit pride of place in the entry!
A nativity is waiting.
Everywhere the celebration of Christmas is evident!


Christmas carols fill the air. Everything from the traditional carols of "Traditions of Christmas" to the more comical "Veggie Tales Christmas CD" are played over & over.
The delight of children over each decoration - the giggles as they create each "masterpiece" that will be treasured by this much too sentimental mother.
The whispers as gifts are hidden in secret awaiting Christmas Eve to be placed under the tree.
Sitting still listening to the real Christmas story read by Daddy in family devotions.
Voices praising God for our Saviour!


The aroma of Christmas cakes fill the air. The delicious scent of a family recipe - smells that bring me back to childhood.
Pine needles decorate here & there deliver their own delicate aroma that also reminds of Christmas past where we were brave enough to have real Christmas trees.
Summer is in the air - the time we associate with Christmas.


The sweetness of fudge, the tingle of punch, the taste of fruitcake all remind that Christmas is near.
Awaiting the turkey with delectable homemade stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy& roasted vegetables (yes even on a summers day!).
Ham, Pork, apple sauce all essential ingredients to the Christmas season.
Rocky road, Ice cream Christmas pudding - all willing to delight our taste buds (& add Cm's to our waistlines)....well maybe just a teeny tiny bit if I promise to go for a walk!


Preparing the batter for each baked delight.
Preparing a dress for a Christmas play. Smoothing down hair for a princess crown.
Fingers are prickled from shaping pine needles into wreaths.
Sore from cutting too many butterflies with children's scissors.
The softness of a childs' face as we dance cheek to cheek around the kitchen to our favourite Christmas songs.
Picking up each gift chosen with love for our much missed family.
Hugs an important part of family life are just as important at Christmas. Little arms snaking their way around your neck.
Soft prods in the mornings as you are awaken (much too early let me add) by a son so excited that Christmas is soon.
Each Christmas delight to demonstrate our love because HE first loved us!

It's beginning to look/smell/ sound/ taste/ feel a lot like Christmas here!!!!

What's it like at your place?


Kimmie said...


I loved this post...your words and pictures spoke to my heart.
Have a wonderful Aussie celebration of Christmas...dear friend!

I giggled with the added CM's....here we say inches! ;-)

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Mum-me said...

What a lovely post. Sounds like things are getting as exciting in your house as they are here (yes, my 4 year old wakes me with a cuddle at 5.30am each morning, and with the words "Is it Christmas today?")

aunty sel said...

Hey Narn,
That looks like so much fun!! I wish I could spend Christmas with you!! We haven't even put up our deco's yet, but last night Cor and I went to the big Christmas carol's in the city, they were fantastic and gave the true Christmas message really well.
Much luv,

Grandma said...

Renata, I do so hope that none of the littlies take after their mummy when it comes to finding secretly hidden Christmas gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (lol). Here we still don't have our decos up yet - incredible, it is December 6 and not even started!!! (Probably the fact that Nity was so sick when she came home from Vanuatu probably contributed a fair bit to it!!!!) It would be really bad if I had to do it all!!!!
Hope the big date went very well the other night!!!!
Sel & Cor went to the Carols in the city last night - apparently, it was an amazing witness of a real Christian Christmas - praise God.
Love to all - even those poor little shorn boys!!!!!!!!!!!
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

the happy sparrow said...

Hi there Renata! I love this post! I feel like I have just walked through your lovely home with you and your family at this very special time of year:) Dan, Noah and I are all getting very excited about Christmas...the decorations are hung, the advent calendar is being adored and I am loving all the end of year get togethers to celebrate Christmas..the end of this year and starting to anticipate the new year!
Many blessings to you lovely Renata! Much love, Martine

Sandra said...

What a delight of the senses! It evoked lots of happy memories of similar ways of preparing for Christmas.
The boys have been enjoying listening to Colin Buchanan's King of Christmas CD too. Your post reminds me of the song Happy, happy day. (Sing for joy at Christmas/all the earth/all the earth!) Very happy and joyful!

blessedmomto8 said...

Wish I were in Australia with you! Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog :) We are having a blizzard here right now UGH! I long for the BEACH!!

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

To be wearing shorts while putting up the tree??? I cant imagine it!! (I cant seem to get warm this am!)

You very beautifully brought all the senses of Christmas to life!

A Big Bowl Of Cherries said...

I almost felt like I was at your home, enjoying the festivities with you! I feel much like you in the sense that I have been taking note of those little sights, scents & noises we often overlook. God has blessed us so greatly- Sometimes I just want to stop & let Him know that I notice these little treasures He plants in each of my days. Thank you for your friendly words on my blog post the other day. It encouraged me all the more :)

BoufMom9 said...

How lovely. I really felt like i was right there with you, experiencing your beautifully festive home & family.

Many blessings this holiday season!

Sande said...

Just shows a lot of Christmas is in the anticipation and time together preparing no?

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Getting a Christmas post ready for today!!!

Looks like fun!
Before I get to busy with making and wrapping presents (and delivering a baby) I wanted to visit and say "Merci Beaucoup" for following Parisienne Farmgirl this year.

It truly was a blessed year and I hope you keep on blogging, sharing your thoughts and life's adventures in 2010.

Merry Early Christmas.


Saminda said...

How did I miss this post Renata?! How beautiful. :) I love the last picture of the wreath over the bench seat. So pretty!
Hey, I have a question. We've had a broody hen for a week or so and some friends gave us a few fertilised eggs to put under her, and one of them hatched today! We have a tiny wee chick who is looking healthy and her adopted mummy hen is very devoted. But I just don't know how much to "do" for the chick. I have put some chick crumble into the nesting box, and water- and both the chick and hen are eating and drinking that. It's so hot at the moment that I'm sure we don't have to worry about the chick getting cold- but what about overheating?? I'd appreciate any advice as I know you've bred chickens on your farm! Thank you xo

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