Back to school!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Well the summer holidays have been & gone & today it was time to get out the books & begin the formal educating.

Not all our 'back to school' photos turned out how I wanted - here Jud was upset because he hadn't worn shoes & his feet were hurting - thus Ellie chose to show her usual exhuberance for life!

I remember last year being so unsure about sending the kids to school. You see we were already heavily considering home schooling & I just felt so unsettled with sending them. I am so glad that God guided us to begin homeschooling them in April. We still feel that has been one of our best parenting decisions yet. I truly do feel privileged to be able to spend so much time with our children & I am so thankful to Dave for encouraging it.

Zai - officially year 2

This year there was no tears, sadness or even craziness at this back to school time. No I didn't miss the shopping for school supplies (which I did think I may as I enjoyed making sure they had everything they needed) - I guess I actually shop for them all year around. I didn't miss the commiseration morning teas (not that I have a kinder student this year, but I have both other years)- instead their was no sadness, but joy at the chance to be able to teach my children what I truly feel is important (& yes, the curriculum is on par with the NSW requirements - just with such beautiful Christian content).

Ellie - Year One

Although I had plans to make today an easier day, both Zai & Ellie were eager to get in & get working. Both children have done really well & I didn't have to backtrack as much as I thought we would. Ellie was reading well & Zai had no trouble picking up his books from where he had left them (remember they work at their own pace, so they begin where they had left off last year).

Jud - preschool

I also have something new this year...

2 preschoolers!!! Eli & Jud were eager to get started!

Eli - preschool

I hope you are enjoying this time whether it's back to home school, traditional school, preschool or just getting your house in order for another year (for some reason the year always seems to really begin in February - probably because almost everyone takes holidays in January).

With Joy & Friendship


Christy said...

Wow your children are growing up so fast! Particularly the twins!! Enjoy your homeschooling - we start back on Monday with Ellie and Abbey BOTH at school this year! So exciting :) love to you all xo

Sandra said...

Two preschoolers! Wacky do!
Here's to another wonderful year of learning for the whole family!

Grandma said... lovely - they're all so cute - so glad the day went so well for you all!!! This back to school time is very different for me this year - the first time in 26 years that I haven't had somebody start school (or preschool) traumatic is that????? Anyway, I'm sure I'll cope...enjoy your school days and congrats to the twins on reaching pre-school - they look very grown up....hugs & kisses to all
Love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Hi Renata,
Just wanted to wish you a happy 'new school' year - though I know we do not need to use that word school! Perhaps I should say 'have a wonderful year of fun filled, action packed learning adventures with your children.' We are starting back next week as granddad is here from NZ until Friday. My son has enrolled for his second year of open uni with RMIT and Curtin. My daughter has already started her huge family history project and I am going to be involving my twins a lot more this year. I hope to share some more of our learning adventures this year at the blog - will see how I go with a new baby!

Kimmie said...

I am so proud of you Renata, for following the Holy Spirit's lead your your family. Homeschooling is wonderful, but also hard. Glad you are off to a grand start...praying that God blesses you all and that He teaches you a few things along this homeschool year path.

Always choose joy-and when things seem to be falling apart at the seams (in a school day)...put on the kettle, make a snack, grab a good read and let the children change will be amazed at how much you can suddenly accomplish.

love to you my dear friend

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Duckygirl said...

I've been a bit of a lurker lately, reading and not leaving comments! (bad me!) I love to read the about the joy you have with your children and being able to home school them. It shows you have a very sweet heart. :O)


Mum-me said...

Enjoy your learning adventures this year guys! And, yes, be very thankful for that husband who supports your desire to homeschool.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Fantastic stuff.....To homeschool is such a blessing

aunty sel said...

Hey Narn,
Happy Schooling!!! The little ones look so grown up, they all look gorgous of course!!!
Have fun,

little dresses said...

Oh sweetie! I'm so glad you had a good first day! It is an amazing privilege to be able to keep our little ones with us while they are little.....I keep hearing people say it doesn't last forever, and I have a sneaking suspicion that they may be right, but we get to witness every moment as homeschooling mamas! I hope you have a wonderful year ;)


Aunty E said...

Happy Schooling!!! Have fun.. can't believe how grown up they all are.

Love EJ xoxo

Nita!!!! said...

Hellooooo narn!!!!!
awwwwww the chickens are looking so cute and large! im miss u all so much.....
this is my first week of not starting school..... its quite horrific.... im bored.... but excited to start at UQ!!!! cause its so prettyful!!!
love u xoxoxo

Linda said...

I love the farm gate picture. When I was little I had to open quite a few. Beautiful photo.

Cassandra-ann said...

Happy new school year! lol. Mine were eager to get started too. I just hope it lasts lol

Cassandra xx

Helen said...

Hello, I have just found your blog, as I have been blog hopping around. So nice to read someone else's blog who home schools in australia. We are up in sunny Nth QLD. Enjoy the start of your school year.
hugs Helen

Wife to the Rockstar said...

So beautiful your children are!!

And how odd to read "summer" holidays.

BoufMom9 said...

The kids all look so adorable!
So glad you are enjoying homeschooling. I do too! It's so much less stressful and nice to work on our schedule and no one elses :)

Mummy McTavish said...

AHHHH when did Eli and Jud grow up? They all looks so sweet and excited to get started!

Saminda said...

LOve all the photos Renata! Let me know how the preschool stuff goes, I'd be interested to hear!

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