Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's funny how life takes you on interesting twists & turns that you never imagined would occur. 3 years ago I was happily living in the suburbs of a major city. We had family nearby & friends just everywhere & every time you went shopping you'd be guaranteed to bump into someone you knew at some point in your childhood.

Well 2 years ago that all changed....

It's hard to believe that I've been a " country gal" for two years already. Sometimes it feels like it's been just a couple of months & other times it feels like a lifetime.

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of living in the country. I remember whenever we went on road trips to visit relatives that were scattered up & down the east coast of Australia, I always would day dream about country life & what it would be like to live where you don't have neighbours watching your every move - where the people are friendly (if not a little nosy) & where the air is definitely more pure. The charmed country life appealed. Maybe it's because until I was 10 I grew up in Mt Isa - a mining town in western Qld. I really didn't want to move & will admit it took me years to adjust to big city life. When I attended university in the middle of a capital city, I hated it. All the hustle & bustle & busyness was not for me. (I did enjoy my course however).

So why am I writing all this? Well for two reasons - one - we have lived just over 2 years here at Sunnyside now & two - Dave & I were discussing our life here & truthfully - we like it here - it feels like home & we are sure this is exactly where God wants us at this point in our lives.

Farming is downright hard work & I'm not going to lie - it's really expensive - just add an extra 0 to the price of what you think it might cost. It's been difficult juggling farm & work for Dave - at times he's really busy & all his holidays (except those he's made to take in Jan) are taken up with farm work. Gardening has been challenging - learning about what grows in a new soil type & climate - trust me I think more has died than lived that I've planted.... but still I persist. We've lost pets to bullets (for attacking sheep), snake bites, spider bites, foxes etc. We've had 2 years of drought - crops have been thin & dams empty.

But even after all that, it really is a wonderful life. We get to walk out each day (or just glance out the window) & appreciate the beauty of God's creation. We do have cleaner, fresher air. We rely on God directly for water. The sky is such a beautiful ever-changing canvas that stretches on forever & the feel of earth freshly ploughed on bare feet is delightful. The community we live in has accepted us (even though we are weird & home school) - we really feel like an important part of our little country church - where we have made wonderful friends & been blessed with solid bible based teaching.

I guess I'm writing all this because I want to encourage you to follow your dreams. I believe God often gives you these dreams - maybe because that's exactly where he wants you at some point in your life. No it won't be easy - in fact at times it would be all to easy to pack up & run back to normality - but if you rely on God to get you through each & every day you'll find there become more good days than bad & at some point (it may take a couple of years) you're going to say "Hey, I really like it here".

Dare to dream & pray about God's will.... you never know what adventure He may lead you on next!

May God bless you,
Renata :)


Sandra said...

Keep on living the dream Renata!

Anonymous said...

Renata thankyou for this insight into your thoughts and feelings that you openly share with people all over the world. You are an incredibly beautiful women in body, mind and spirit and I feel blessed that you my wife would take this step of faith with me.It is encouraging that you are seeing Gods blessing through the fun, sad, challenging and stretching experiences of the place that has indeed become our new home. Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Renata I do not dought that you and I have been called here for a purpose, what that is I do not know, I do know however that it is good and that you are trusting and waiting on god. I love you.

Ana said...

Renata, I am genuinely encouraged... you see... I am at a place in life where the dreaming stage is not part of my every day... THANK YOU!

Mum-me said...

Oh, I got all misty-eyed reading your husband's comment.

Thanks for the encouragement to follow those dreams ....

Hope you are getting some of this lovely rain we have had today.

the happy sparrow said...

Hi there Renata! Thanks so much for this encouraging post! Love lots, Martine

Mummy McTavish said...

Thank you for sharing that with us, Renata. Thank you, Dave, for sharing your sweet response with us.

I love reading your blog, I can't wait to find out with you what God has in store for your family in your exciting "new" home!

Saminda said...

Loved this post Renata, and couldn't agree more. So happy you're happy! I've missed you!! xo

Saminda said...

What a sweet comment from Dave! :)

Kimmie said...

Oh Renata~what God will do with a couple who is committed first to Him.

I love your hearts and that last sentence really spoke to me. We have had doors opening and closing, opening, and closing...left slightly ajar...your words reminded me to seek His peace, His way, His hand yet again for this crazy path He has put us on.

love you...wish you were my neighbor...I'd love to be your face to face friend.
and by the way...I'm proud of you and Dave!

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Grandma said...

What lovely comments made by the 'anonymous gentleman' - hey give him our love - we're proud that he's part of our family (even if he does think we're loud & noisy!!! - now that's a real mother-in-law dig isn't it - sorry Dave, couldn't resist - especially cos I think your family may now outscore us in the decibel level!!!!lovl!)
Narn, it was lovely to read your comments and see a little of where God has led you as you grow and mature in Him. Even when we don't understand things, He does, and if we trust Him, it doesn't really matter where we live because He's there with us. It does not mean that life will be easy, but regardless of where we us - He's there!!!!
Sorry for not getting to your blog before this - life has been crazy these past few days (what with the Vintage party, and dress, and combined turkey dinner on Sat. and sermon on Sunday (along with flooding on Sunday morning....aaaahhh!!!! and then somebody in our family climbing up ladders to the back room roof...NO, it wasn't me...it was one of the males of the family!! btw when I looked at Ellies picture at the start of this blog, my first thought was that she looked like Aunty Sel!!!! Hey, who was in the photo with that huge dog??
Give everybody at Sunnyside our love. Lots of love, Mum xxxxxxxxx

debi9kids said...

Beautiful post!
(that final photo was especially stunning!)

I think I feel very similar to how you are describing. Although there are days i struggle with our life, I love the decision we have made and know this is where God wants me to be :)

Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

I'm so glad you found Homestead Revival so I could find YOU! Your blogs are charming and such an inspiration. That moonlit field takes my breath away. You are wise to be able to see the gifts God gives amid the trials. No matter where you live they are there - both trials and gifts. But what a joy that we are blessed to live in the country!

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