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Monday, March 22, 2010

No not the sheep... these are the promised pics of Hot Chocolate's twins - this picture was taken not long after they were born - our newest batch of twins is already bigger than this. (You could probably insert bad blogger here!)

No, neither have we - contrary to what you may have believed had you visited or called last week (by the way it was wonderful to come home to so many phone messages - I will endeavour to return them some time.)
Dave was braving the bright lights of the big city for work & the kids & I scooted off to homeschool camp (this is a new thing for people who are registered through ACC in NSW) !!

The twins & Ellie were all part of the same group - which I helped out in (parents were just as important a part as children) - we had a lot of fun doing different activities & learning about the development of different animals - we even caught some tadpoles from a nearby dam (guess what we were learning about that day)! Here they are lining up for their race at the athletics carnival!
Talking about dams....
Do you remember the year (2008) we moved here I was asking you to pray for rain? - well this is how empty our big house dam was then: Let me tell you it actually got completely dry - in fact it was so dry you could even walk across it.

Now .... After many hours of hard work from Dave to fix the water channels so any runoff goes into the dam & with the wonderful summer rains God has provided, amazingly IT'S FULL!!!!!
(well OK it could hold about another foot of water - but really we aren't that picky!)
The bush at the front of the pic is where Ellie was standing. I will truthfully say I never ever expected to see it full as it is such an enormous dam. Our neighbours tell us it hasn't been this way since the early 90's.

Here is the view from the silt dam (if you've visited you'll know where I mean). They are at the same height.
It is just so wonderful to look down from the washing line or the driveway & see this beautiful body of shimmering blue water.

We now have plans to stock it with some fishlings so we can send the boys fishing in a few years time! The kids & I have already caught some yabbies from a neighbours overflow to give it some life! I can't help praising God for this bountiful blessing to our farm.

Hope you're enjoying your week!
Renata :)


Saminda said...

Hey sweet Renata, I've missed you!! Homeschool camp sounds fun. Your dam looks fantastic - what a blessing all this rain has been for everyone. :)
Hugs, saminda xo

aunty sel said...

Hi Narn,
Both of your sets of twins look gorgous in the photo's.
It is wonderful that God has given you so much rain, I have been praying for you to get it.

Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

What a blessing!! Water is so precious when you have so little! (Believe me, I know... I live near the desert in California).

Shonni said...

How wonderful to have that pond...it looks so beautiful and fishing would be so much fun for the children!

Cassandra-ann said...

I have been thinking about you and wondering where you had gotten too!

Cassandra xx

Grandma said...

Isn't God good??????? It's great to see that lovely water. It was lovely to talk to you again. So glad school camp went well!!! Give our love to all the lovely ones, Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sandra said...

Hey that's awesome! It's amazing the difference the rain makes.
And your baby lambs are precious.

debi9kids said...

OMGOSH! I do remember when you were praying for water! Amazing how abundantly your prayers have been answered. thank you god!

Anonymous said...

The twins and their mama are cute!
Bet the kids loved homeschooling camp!!
Water!!! I too remember praying for rain for you. Such a blessing!!!

Nice to see you back on here! :)

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