Our Birthday Princess!

Friday, March 26, 2010

It's official - we again have a six year old in the house!!!

Where did the time go? It seems only yesterday she was this size!

Miss Ellie has had her birthday & is enjoying being officially a "big" girl. In our family 6 is a momentous age - it's the age you get your very own Bible instead of reading the one of many laying around the house. It's also the age you get to have a proper birthday party.

Plans were underway months ago for Missy's birthday - she had rewritten the list with careful consideration of her brother's wishes (at one point there was more of Zai's friends on the list than Ellies). Then the first blow - we found out that Daddy had to be away for work on her birthday. Oh well we thought - at least he'd be there for her party.

A couple of days later the home school camp was announced - since we are in the region for this camp (thus it is the closest run one to us) I was quick to sign up. This meant that instead of being home to celebrate we would be at camp on Missy's birthday. This also meant with being away we would have to change our plans for her party.

Her cake from her Friday party - it's meant to be a swimming pool!

Since we didn't have a free weekend between then & Easter that wasn't straight after camp (I knew we would all be exhausted), we decided that we would have a weekday party - this eliminated a lot of her friends as they go to school. She then decided that she wanted to have it with just one of her friends (who home schools ) & their family. So that's what we did - the Friday before we had a small scale birthday party (although 8 kids is still a good number). She also had another special friend sleep over that night!

Missy with her camp cake!

Then at camp they made morning tea into a "birthday party" for Miss E - complete with chocolate crackles (made by our preschool/ infants age group) & a big cake decorated with delicious pink frosting. You can imagine how much our little drama queen enjoyed being centre of attention for the day.

What a great job the camp cook did on the cake! She was so considerate & kept asking me "does she like this/that?"

Of course since Daddy had missed out on both parties, we decided when we returned home to have an ice cream cake with him. The frosting slid off the ice cream, but it was still delicious (Hint: Don't use frosting on an ice cream cake no matter what the book says).

Our ice cream flop

Thus Miss Ellie had quite a birthday week - 3 cakes - 2 parties - 1 very precious birthday girl!

Happy Birthday to our Princess!


Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Exactly how I like to celebrate my birthday, too - all week long!

Happy birthday, Miss Ellie!

Saminda said...

Happy Birthday to your precious girl - what a wonderful week of celebrations!!! xoxo

Mum-me said...

What a beautiful 6 year old princess! And to have three birthday cakes is very special.

(You can put icing on ice-cream cakes. Just make sure it is a very stiff icing, which means lots of margarine or butter, and put it straight back in the freezer for another half hour or more. We did this with Mousie's ice-cream cakes and the icing stayed put for quite a while after taking it out of the freezer.)

Sandra said...

Happy birthday Miss E!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Sounds like she got the best birthday...Days of celebrations not just one day!
All looks so girly and fun.
Happy birthday to your girl

Grandma said...

What gorgeous cakes - I'm sure she was quite happy to have 3 cakes......mmm what will she want next year???? Anyway, it was lovely to talk to her on her big day! Enjoy your weekend. I enjoyed our chat tonight.
****14 sleeps to go!!!!*****
Lots of love
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

aunty sel said...

Hi Beautiful Princess Ellie-belle,
Happy Birthday!! I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday week with 3 cakes!!!
Luv you lots,
Aunty Sel

Bobbie-Jo said...

She's so big! What a special treat to get 3 cakes!

Grannysaurus said...

Happy birthday Miss Ellie! I am sooo envious - 3 cakes and 2 parties, a cake with musk sticks (my favourite). Sometimes I could wish I was a little girl again;)

debi9kids said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful girl! And how awesome to get to have so many cakes! More fun for her:)

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Ellie! Your cakes are very cool!

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