My country mothers day!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This mothers day I felt I was completely spoilt by my gorgeous family!

This was taken in the sheep yards - I tried to get a picture of all four, but after about 20 - there was not one that I deemed nice enough for what I wanted! - silly kids - must take after their father LOL

The day began with a leisurely start - Dave got up early & began working in the kitchen & I sat up in bed & finished a hand sewing project I had to give to a lady from church that day.  Slowly one by one the kids sleepily came in to wish me Happy Mothers day - they had a combinations of homemade cards - some beautifully made & some little more than folded paper with a few lines on "look Mum - I wrote I love you" said Jud (all in little figures that don't resemble much more than circles & crosses) - too cute! I of course, treasure each one.

Breakfast was a lavish affair - Dave had outdone himself in the kitchen - apple muffins - my favourite recipe - it uses honey & it is just delicious.  Also homemade hash browns, smoked salmon & a sour cream, dill & lemon juice sauce that goes beautifully with it!  Just delicious.

Church was lovely with each mother given a posy of flowers that the children at Sunday school had put together (our Sunday school is before church) - in fact there were so many posies that some of the men got one as well!  Morning tea afterwards was delicious (as always) - one thing that amazes me here is the quantity of food country people consume.  I would have thought the morning tea was much too much food for the number of people in church, but it still nearly all went!
In the afternoon I spent some time on the computer & ordered my mothers day presents  - the rest of the Homestead Blessing DVDs that I don't yet own (spoilt I know!).  I was so excited to be able to preorder their quilting DVD!

Are you wondering where Eli is?
After that we had to bring the sheep up to the yards as our friend was coming to get his rams out of the flock!  I drove the ute - slowly - very slowly - constantly looking in the rear view mirror. 

Right here tightly held on daddy's lap!

While Dave & his mate  looked around at the growth on the paddocks, I got to spend some fun time playing with the kids.  We jumped on hay bales for ages - climbed silos (oops don't tell grandma), played with Bessy & generally enjoyed our time. 

It times like this that I realise how precious my time is with the kids. I realised last night that I probably only have another 3500 or so days left with Zai until he's grown - that's not long at all.  Only 3500 days to mold him  & train him to be the man of God that we long for him to be.  (Of course ultimately that's between he & God, but we do intend to train him to the best of our ability for that life .)  It makes me realise how much each day counts - how every day & interaction is so important. 

We then went to our pastors house for tea - they're leaving at the end of the month :( & so are having all the church family over in groups of 20 each Sunday - it was our turn this week & we had such fun spending time with these precious people.   

All in all it was a wonderful mothers day - though I missed my Mum throughout the day (I did ring her & Granny) it was nice to just spend the day with this precious family that God has blessed us with!

So what did you do for mothers day?


Jenn said...

What a wonderful day! Looks like you had a precious day spent with your sweet family.

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

What a fantastic day Renata - you were so blessed. The West Ladies DVD series is on my wish list - they keep adding to it. I'm hoping they special it again soon, it recently had 40 per cent off with Vision Forum and hopefully the exchange rate remains in our favour at over 90 cents to the dollar! Do you recommend them all? Did you learn lots? I'm not sure if I need them all but the quilting one would be good for me.

Sandra said...

What a wonderful day! Dave certainly did a great job with a yummy sounding breakfast. The twins are becoming more grown up looking and looking like their big brother now. Enjoy all the days you have together as a family. :)

Saminda said...

Sounds like a wonderful day Renata! Love those jumping on hay bale pictures!! :) It was a pretty relaxed day here.... just a typical Sunday really. Glad you had a happy mother's day my friend. :)

debi9kids said...

It sounds like such a blessed day...for everyone in the family. Just truly blissful and beautiful :)

Grandma said...

Aaaaawwwww......I missed you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But thanks for your lovely phone call!!! Thanks too for the lovely holiday we had with you- it was so cute when Jud asked me to come back on Mother's Day. I told him it was his turn to come and visit us!!!!
Just a couple of questions:
1. Was that Bessie in the photo with the Darlings???? My how she's grown!
2. Have you been cutting Eli & Jud's hair lately?????
Anyway, treasure each day with each one - it's easy to forget that each one (both day & person) is a precious gift from God.
We've just had a thunderstorm - on a May afternoon????? (THAT May afternoon!!!!!!!! )
Anyway, Narn, lots & lots of love to you all.
Love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ps - who was climbing silos?????????????????????

aunty sel said...

Hi Narn,
Looks like you had lots of fun!!! The kiddies are sooo cute, I want to give them all a hug. Don't worry, I spoilt mum and granny with a lovely lunch and dessert!!! Aren't I a good girl!!!
Have fun,

Jan said...

That sounds like an absolutely luxurious breakfast! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family and Mothers Day.
Blessings - Jan

Anonymous said...

Hey Renata, that breakfast sounds awesome, no wonder you had plenty of energy for climbing silos and jumping on hay bales. It seems to me your kids lead an idyllic, free and innocent life and are very lucky to have such a fun and caring mama! x Catherine (B. Life)

Helen said...

what a perfect day... and your breakfast sounded so yummy! I love getting the handmade cards from the children - I tell you if I was there I would be jumping over them hay bales too... smile

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I love your photos, Renata! Especially the header. Sounds like you had a most wonderful Mother's Day!

JESSON and REY ANN said...

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Camille said...

How lovely! AND your children are GORGEOUS...even in a "silly" picture! Cherish these days! is so quickly are right! We only have our children under our care and direct supervision for such a short time! May the LORD give us each exactly what we need to train them up for HIM!!


Heather said...

The breakfast Dave made sounds wonderful! He needs to come over here and teach my husband to cook. I think he actually can cook, but he feigns ignorance on purpose!

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Sounds like a great day!

Happy Mothers Day to you!

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