Our twins' birthday!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's been & gone, but my, the anticipation was intense. I can only imagine how each year it's going to grow & grow until the reach the ripe old age of about.... well 30 & then they aren't quite so eager to turn another year older (trust me 31 is looming for me & it doesn't sound quite as nice as 30). However at 4 years old, it only looks like lots of fun ahead from here!

The BIG birthday started with our traditional birthday hunt - for those who don't know what this is, basically I hide the gifts around the house (at the moment we restrict to the family/dining room end of the house) & I come up with some corny rhyme as a "hint" as to where the gift is hidden. This is done for each separate gift & includes any that have been sent by relatives/friends. You can imagine how much the kids love this! They aren't allowed to start until the whole family is there, so sorry but no sleeping in on a birthday morning!

Of course this has room to "grow" with each passing year - by the teenage years I'm thinking a whole farm hunt will be fun! (could take all day though- LOL - as for the planning....)
Grandma, Grandad & Granny (my grandmother) were here to help us celebrate! They also provided some very NOISY toys that the kids loved - Ummm thanks mum - maybe I'll have to bring them up to Grandma's house next Qld trip & leave them.....LOL
I'm going to pretend the boys were just as excited over the coverlets we bought them as the tool bench from G&G that they proudly helped daddy put together.

They had requested birthday cakes - a green plane for Jud & an orange plane for Eli! The trouble I have with my identical twins is that they have very similar interests while being separate individuals - they often like & dislike the exact same things - they will fight over the same toy even if they have one similar nearby. I always make them separate cakes, but this time I did them from the same design (always before they've been different). The boys didn't mind though - & loved their planes! On the back their names are written!

By the end of the day, all were exhausted, but they sure did have fun!

We are so blessed to have shared the last 4 years with our boys.
God bless you both my darlings!

Happy 4th Birthday!!


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Hey, my girls do the exact same thing - they both fight over the same toy or item of clothing - that's why I often buy them both the same identical thing. At garage sales if I spot something such as a doll or a dress and there is only one I usually leave it behind. It's just not worth it - I'm sure you do the same! I love the idea of the two cakes! Now I just need to convince my mum to send two cards rather than one, thankfully she always sends two gifts and eventually they forget their wrangle over who gets the card!

Cassandra-ann said...

AWW Happy Birthday to your little guys, I hope they had a great day (looks like they did).
I LOVE the cakes!
and i cant believe how young you are, you spring chicken!

Have a great afternoon Renata

Cassandra xx

Grannysaurus said...

Your boys have similar colouring and looks to my son at that age and remind me a lot of him. I always thought he should have been twins because he craved the company of other boys his age as playmates and got very lonely on his own.
Happy (belated) Birthday boys! I can just imagine the excitement.

aunty sel said...

Hi Narn,
The twinnies are so gorgous!!! It looks like they really enjoyed their day.
Guess what I just did!!! Booked a trip to Europe!!! I'm so excited, I'm going to be in Rome for you birthday!!! So I guess I'll do something special for it ;-)

Saminda said...

Wow Renata, they are looking so grown up!! They are really handsome boys. :) Happy birthday Eli and Jud!! xo

Sandra said...

Happy birthday to the boys! Fantastic four here we come! I love the plane cakes - it's an awesome design.
The present hunt zounds like lots of fun too.

Mum-me said...

The cakes look very cute! The birthday hunt sounds like a fun idea ... good luck with expanding it as the years go by. Those are the things from which happy memories are made.

Grandma said...

Aaawww....they're so gorgeous!!! We had a wonderful day with them!!! (Have the batteries run out yet??????). Thanks for reminding me who was orange & who was green, as I'm sending photos to Grandma (dad's mum), and I thought I had them right, but wasn't completely sure!!!!
Anyway, when are you going to bring all of them and their noisy toys up?????? All of them are a real blessing (the kids, not the toys!!!)
Lots & lots of love to you all from Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

debi9kids said...

OH wow! That looks like such a fantastic birthday and I LOVE that you hide the gifts. So cute 7 so much fun.

Their cakes turned out so cute! (what did you use as the clear container for the top if the cake?)

Heather said...

They're getting so big! They don't have their baby faces anymore *sniff* (I'm sorry, this is not helping you at all is it?) It's just that I remember before they were even potty-trained (we've known each other that long now!)

Their little airplane cakes are so cute! Happy Birthday Eli and Jud!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Awwwww Look at the plane cakes with the Domes! They are so unique! I would'nt want to cut into them!
Happy Bday to your boys!

Regan Family Farm said...

Oh my goodness, my ywins are now 16 and I can't believe how fast it has gone...treasure each day!

Ana said...

That's so sweet Renata :) BTW Happy Belated Mother's Day♥

Helen said...

Just loved the cakes you made - very clever.. and the idea to have a treasure hunt to find the presents - fun stuff indeed. Your boys are too cute.

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