High Flyers

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My kids love aeroplanes - in fact it would be fair to say that our family has more than it's fair share of aeroplane fanatics - it seems to have dropped in with the Y chromosome each time & even little Missy doesn't mind the odd air show or 2 or 20 .... .  Of course they inherited this from their father who was born with the same air driven chromosomal abnormality.  
Thankfully as much as I like to think this is unusual, the number of people I have met who have this same love of those crazy flying machine makes me conclude that alas it is normal & sometimes it is even commendable - some of the people I know have amazing aviation achievements .
Of course there is something about the smell of jet fuel or the buzz of the old engines, the swoop of the fast jet as they scream past  & the graceful beauty of the old tiger moth as it dances across the sky. (Did I mention that this little mama was the one who dragged the kids to all those air shows...)

However as much as they love aeroplanes, the 3 youngest children haven't had the opportunity to actually go flying in one...until now!  One of our close friends owns a couple of aeroplanes & on occasion will call Dave & ask him to come for a fly - well the other day Jud & Ellie asked oh so nicely if they could also go along to visit with Mr & Mrs L (some of our favourite people).  

I didn't even know if the children would go flying so you can imagine my delight to know that not only did they go flying, but Dave had grabbed the camera & managed to capture them on film (well SD card actually, but film sounds so much better...).  
 This is such a cute picture & I can imagine how delighted the children were to be enjoying the feeling of being so high that the earth looks just like a patchwork quilt so very far below.
I'm not sure what was bothering Miss E, but undoubtedly she was endowing one of her commentaries on the other occupants (do all 6 year old girls like to talk so much???).
And here is Sunnyside from the back paddock looking forward - the boundaries are the road on the other side of the ploughed paddock - the lanes to the right & in the foreground & the green paddock on the left - yes we are thankful for our beautiful farm & the blessing it is (I promise it looks much greener from down there).

Some happy people returned home with a  very special memory made!

Have a lovely weekend & week ahead.


Grannysaurus said...

That little peddle aeroplane looks like a collectors' item to me. What a great toy! And flying in a real aeroplane - wow! They do look enthralled. I hope you can get more pics of Sunnyside from the air in different seasons. I'll be expecting them ;)

Smilie girl said...

Wacky doo! That must have been super exciting. I love the picture Dave took.
Yes your family got the plane mad gene and we got the train mad gene. It's all good.
Chris the wardie was asking after you again today. You certainly made your mark :) And Rosie was in hospital today being neutropenic.
I would have loved to see how you ultrasound a sheep. Are they expecting twins?

Mummy McTavish said...

What a wonderful treat for them, so thankful for such great friends!

Kath said...

How exciting for the kids!! I didnt realize you had so many trees there.
I always enjoy seeing irrigated circles like we have in WY from the airplane.
Our family ended up with the mad trucking gene!!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh Wow!!! That is really a treat! I know My kids,well 2 of them are desperate to go in a plane.
And how wonderful to get that view of sunnyside! You look to live in a beautiful part of the world

Shonni said...

That is so cool that they got to do that. I love the expressions on their faces! They will always remember this adventure!!

Ana Degenaar said...

WOW that's amazing!!! My boy (husband) would love to do that!

Jan said...

That was a wonderful experience for the children!!
Great to have the aerial photo of your farm too.
Blessings - Jan

aunty sel said...

Hi Narn,
Such an exciting thing for the little ones to do!!! They are so gorgous!!
Wish I could give them all a big hug.
It is exceedingly cold here, and I had to get out of bed at 5am!!!! I nearly froze.
luv to you all,
PS This is test comment number 1 - Name URL

Jenn said...

Oh what fun! Loved the look on your children's faces when they were looking out the plane windows.

Camille said...

How fun!! My husband has the same chromosomal abnormality. ;-) How precious to have those pics of the kids looking out the windows! What a great view of your farm...amazing how small things look from the air. :)


Duckygirl said...

That looks like a lot of fun, what a great memory the kids will have!!


Aunty E said...

Bahahahaha, Ellie looks EXACTLY like aunty sel in the pic where she is looking out the window!!!!!

Nice shots - how exciting for them xxx

Love Aunty EJ xxooxx

Leanne said...

I love it!!

I used to be terrified of flying....But I'm not anymore, after having had a perfect flight in 2006 with my Husband.

I love the looks on the kids's faces as they look out the window.

And I love your property, it looks so peaceful and so pastoral from that view. I'm sure it really is too!

Good to check in with you!

Catherine said...

Gosh, your kids have such a wonderful life. I think they're so lucky to have that freedom to just be children on that huge property, not to mention aeroplane rides! xx

A Big Bowl Of Cherries said...

It's been busy around here and I've not made it over to read your blog much lately. This post reminded me how much I've missed your life stories! :) I LOVE the look of awe on their faces as they look out the windows! What a great experience for them!

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