Wonderful Winter Holidays!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Desperately in need of a good break after a hectic term of schooling, we are now smack- dab in the middle of the most relaxing holidays imaginable!  I love winter holidays - maybe it's because our warm home contrasts so much to the cold outside that I don't feel too lazy sitting around til 10am in my dressing gown (it is warm after all!!) Maybe it's because there is no places we needed to be - no ballet, no auskick, no home school Thursday get togethers -  I haven't even needed to go grocery shopping ( although today we ran out of weetbix so I'm thinking a trip to town may be in order....oh & I think the library books are due today.....).   Between foggy days & winter rains inside has been the best place to spend our time. I have my list of "wish to get done" jobs & that's been all the requirements on my time (well that & taking care of the kids/house/farm etc!).  So while I sit here still snuggled up warmly in my dressing gown (hey, it's only 9am!!!!!)   I'll post some pictures of a few things that have been going on here at Sunnyside over the last week.

Miss Ellie has increased her sewing skills - she's very proud of this patchwork pillow that she sewed herself - I even taught her to hand stitch up the edge after she'd stuffed it.  She did a lovely, neat job.  This is a great project for beginner sewers!

Zai is now able to bake a cake all by himself - here he'd asked his "buddy" Eli to help!  These boys had done a wonderful job on cleaning up the toy room - while my much slower "team" were still tackling the school room.

We did take one trip to the big city last Saturday with Daddy!  What a wonderful time we all had - I'll admit I was dragging my feet about going, but once there we had such a fun time together.  We went to a delicious Italian restaurant where we shared the yummiest pizza (almost as good as homemade Zai decreed!), bought a certain almost 8 year olds b'day present &  got more fish for our fish tank.  I was able to get some more school supplies & a few odds and ends I'd been wanting for a while.  
Whilst I was in Spotlight, Dave took the kids for a walk in the nearby park - I did catch up with them in time for a couple of photos!!

Dave thought it would be funny if Ellie had a chat across the billabong !

On one of the few fine days we've had, my "sports mad" son decreed that they needed to have a "Tour de Sunnyside" (yes, he's even into the Tour de France - sigh- I just don't get it - he certainly didn't get this interest from me).  
The kids had to ride down to the shearing shed & then back past the house & to the top paddock gate half way down the driveway and back (about 2km in all).

First time didn't go so well (a few bike issues) so they ran it again!

All in all a relaxing time for us all.  Now I'd better go & get today rolling...
Hope you're enjoying your holidays and managing to keep warm!
Have fun


Ana Degenaar said...

What a lovely and dreamy time... I miss real Winters, it is so hot in here I could melt any second. I am glad you got to relax a bit. Big hugs!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

It all sounds lovely! My kids go abit crazy with down time but these holidays they just mooched around and it was good.
Though I know My Son was desperate for some little friend company....Boy ...Ball kicking company!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

It does actually look cold in that first shot Renata! Yesterday summer arrived in the middle of winter and get this - it was 24 degrees celcius. I just about melted on my trip into town. Looks like you had a great time over the holidays. We have pretty much stayed home but I'm going to the city Farmer's Markets this week - oh and going to buy a fire pit for my son's birthday party but if it keeps warming up like this we are probably not going to need it!

Smilie girl said...

Yes, some down time is a good thing. Have a wonderful winter break.

debi9kids said...

It looks like you've been having a lovely and relaxing winter.

I agree... that is probably my favorite thing about homeschooling in the winter... spending a cozy morning snuggled in your robe and slippers (with a coffee, of course)

Grandma said...

Wow, I'm soooooo impressed with Ellie's cushion and Zai and helper's cake!!!!! What a clever bunch - tell Ellie I think her cushion is beautiful! Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday and winter!! We've had some lovely warm days, but I think the cold is due back in the next day or two. Glad the 'tour de Sunnyside' went well - maybe as they get older they could make it a bit longer!! They're all so cute!
We walked across the new "Ted Smout Bridge' on Sunday (to replace the Hornibrook Bridge) - At 2.7km it's the longest one in Australia!
Will send an email to see that you've gotten this - as my last few comments seem to have gotten lost in cyber-land.. Enjoy those cold mornings. I used to always enjoy the June/July holiday - it was nice getting to stay in bed a bit longer on the cold mornings.
Lots and lots of love to all at Sunnyside xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mum-me said...

Ellie's cushion looks so neat - you've taught her well.

I am glad someone is enjoying this winter weather, because I certainly am not. After living here for 8 years (in a drought, I know) I am used to crisp, bright winter days .... not damp, soggy, dreary ones!

The Happy Sparrow said...

hi Renata! Happy holidays! It looks like your having a great time!
Love Martine

aunty sel said...

Hi Narn,
All my comments get lost in cyber-land:-(
The littlies all look soooo gorgous. I want to give them a hug.
Tell Ellie I am very impressed with her sewing, and Zai with his cooking.
Luv to you all,

Kath said...

It was fun to catch up with you all!!! Stay warm!

Cassandra-ann said...

Your holidays sound like fun! I love the pics, especialy the one of Ellie's handiwork ! I will have to get Paige to try making one of those....

Back to school for us next week...

Cassandra xx

Jenn said...

So glad you are having a relaxing winter holiday. It is hot over here. Really hot. So we are having no trouble keeping warm! :)

Kimmie said...

I am so glad you are having such a nice winter break. (Yikes, though I am not ready for winter, as we are now in our summer and I still haven't shaken of my last Connecticut winter yet (bbbrrrrr))).

Ellie did such a lovely job on her sewing project. Good job Ellie, it is beautiful!!

Hope you are having fun.

Thanks for all your love notes on my blog the other day...you are too sweet Renata!

Love you dear friend.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Bobbie-Jo said...

I'm always in awe at how much SKY is in all your pictures. Wow!

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