Spring on the farm

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I've never made it a secret that spring is my favourite season around here.  I love the varying shades of green of the different grasses.  I love the way the sun slowly warms the air beckoning the various flowers to come into full bloom!  I love the way the farm looks - cloaked in green & covered in beautiful pastures!

 I also love our mischievous jersey cow Bessy!  
She thinks she is a dog & follows us everywhere (well where she can get to - thankfully  she isn't climbing fences yet!) - she even runs after the ute - silly cow!
 (Please forgive Ellie's farm clothes - they will be thrown as soon as we are out of winter clothes!)

 We have buds on so many tree - here buds cover the orange trees - ready to burst into full bloom at some point soon - don't orange blossoms just have the prettiest perfume?

 How spring looks from my kitchen  - Out every window is a beautiful picture - only real! (well except for the front garden which is full of overgrown barley grass - reminds me I have to spray it today!- not so beautiful)
 The veges planted during winter in the greenhouse are finally growing - I can't wait to taste them YUM!!  
The snowpeas are already being harvested (with a little help from the chooks hmmm...)
 I love strawberry plants - I have a couple here & there to try & trick the chooks into not getting them all:)
 Various bulbs that I planted last autumn are now bursting into bloom - so beautiful!  I'm looking forward to spring next year when they should be twice as prolific!
 Wildflowers - ripe for the eating (well if you're a cow!)
 Eggs - we have almost a dozen a day!  We are loving our fresh, properly free-ranged eggs. No other egg tastes as good - or is as good for you!  This one was a double  yocker (must be all those snowpeas - LOL)!
 Our barley crop is growing slowly but surely - it was quite water logged which gave it a slow start - as well as being later into the ground than last years!  Oh well  - sure is pretty though!

 Children playing outside - enjoying this warmer weather!  
How I love this time of year!

Hope you enjoy this time of year wherever you are - whether autumn or spring!


Pioneer Beauty said...

Hello Renata,
It is so very strange to hear you talking of Spring when we are Entering Fall.. : ) but I am sure you hear that a lot.. I enjoyed your visit..over at Pioneer Beauty...I was actually just thinking and Praying for you the other day..so it was nice to hear from you..
I pray that your Spring ..: ) is Beautiful and Fruitfull...
Have a Blessed Day
In Christ

Mum-me said...

I remember my mum used to get a fair few double yolker eggs with her free-range chooks. Once she found an enormous egg in the nest box and was sure it would have at least 2 yolks, but it just turned out to be one huge yolk!!

We have also planted some veggie seeds, and now that we have found out we are moving I am glad we planted them in pots so we can give them away before we go.

Smilie girl said...

A beautiful time of year for being outdoors. I love the picture of the jersey munching on flowers - sweet.
Good to hear how your garden grows and admiring your clever chickens and their eggs.

Frizzy and Bird said...

What a beautiful farm and place for your kids to grow up. I find it absolutely adorable that your cow follows the kids around like a puppy. I love Spring but Fall is the season my heart yearns for.

Christy said...

Looks amazing Renata!! Very different from when we saw your farm 18mths ago! I love spring too - all my bulbs are in full bloom now - i think that's the bit of spring i most enjoy since moving south! and the warm spring breeze has even come the last 2 days down here...YAy winter is gone :)

Jan said...

We had jerseys when I was a child, lovely to share all the joys of your blessed acres.
Love, Jan

Saminda said...

Isn't spring the best?! Your farm is just so beautiful. :) I love the pic of your children with their cow, so cute!! xx

Grandma said...

How beautiful.....it's all so pretty, and the darlings are even prettier (even Missy in her jeans - some people pay a lot of money for torn jeans lol). As I write this, two sleeps to go woohoo!!!!! (Be only one when you read it, I suspect!!!!).
Apparently the airline is back on board...see you Friday!!!! Lots & lots of love from Mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

LOVE it! When I was younger our family lived on a farm in Iowa- loved it!!!!! Beautiful :)

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

My sentiments exactly!
I feel happier have a smile on my face and we are only just getting double figure temps but it makes a difference to have 16 degrees not 4 or 5.
Our wattles are blooming and the kids again are venturing outdoors.....Love spring!

Megan said...

Such a beautiful post! I was blessed by being able to enjoy farm life as a child. I hope I get to experience that again! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I accidently deleted your comment in the excitement of discovering that I had won. I am so sorry! Please stop back by soon!

Bobbie-Jo said...

You're right, there's nothing like spring on a farm!

Jenn said...

I agree spring is an wonderful time of year.

Cassandra-ann said...

I just adore spring as well, i LOVE al the pics, you really are blessed. I can't wait for our chickens to start laying although we need a few more hens i think and i LOVE your Jersey cow, i have been asking joe to buy us a jersey cow.... but for now i'll have to look at the pics of Bessy :-)

Cassandra xx

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