May's gifts from His heart...

Monday, June 6, 2011

You may remember a while ago when I posted about the book I'd read "One thousand gifts" by Ann Voskamp. What a beautiful book & one I look forward to rereading in the near future.  It will always have a place on my bookshelf & I hope over the years the pages will get tattered as it is thumbed through again & again for that flicker of encouragement, that quote, that example....

When I read the book I determined to begin my own list of one thousand gifts & beyond.  You may remember that I shared with you the beginning of my list.  Well my list has continued here & there & even though I did buy a exercise book to keep it in, somehow it never got filled out regularly as I had hoped.  Then Ann began a monthly printable on her blog to list a gift daily. Not only were these printables pretty, but I found it much easier to fill out one thing I am thankful for before I began schooling the children each morning. 

To add to my list of thanksgiving.... 


Today's gifts from His heart....

1st-  A wonderful family to enjoy quiet holidays with
2nd-  The taste of a simple, healthy, filling lunch
3rd- A printer that continues going -through years, jams & pages & pages of work
4th- Snuggly bugglys next to me
5th- Warm beds on cold nights
6th- Bright flowers to greet me each morn... 
7th-  Carefree laughter of children
8th- Happy Birds chirping loudly
9th- Audio CD's for long drives
10th- The joy of the Lord through grumpy mornings
11th- Growing boys- their voices intermingling with exciting plans
12th The steady hum of the computer  
13th- The crisp crunch underfoot of a first frost
14th- Beautiful mothers day lilies opening wide in honor of their Creator
15th- Sweet daughter reading more & more
16th- The scratching of a lead pencil writing desperately an exposition (NAPLAN )
17th- Mouse traps & the satisfying snap they make as they rid our home of unwanted guests
18th- Garlic shoots growing tall
19th- A wonderful husband who loves our family as much as I do
20th- Little boys who yearn to be "just like Daddy"
21st- A son with a heart for a friends salvation
22nd- A capable husband 
23rd- Fresh country air
24th- Autumn leaves - such beautiful colours
25th- The promise of warm, snug winters nights
26th-  Children who complete their schoolwork
27th- Patient children who play happily for hours as our church family meets
28th- A paddock with fences repaired that now holds our renegade jersey cow
29th- Fresh farm eggs - even into the end of autumn 
30th- Patience - today I need a lot
31st- Our new pastor - we are just praising the Lord!

Each day is filled with blessings, some we notice, most we expect.  Let me encourage you that looking at both the large, but mainly the small gifts the Lord has blessed you with will enrich your life...

I'd love if you share with me in the comments the first 3 blessings you can think of today!

With Joy


Smilie girl said...

Wonderful! Made me remember how blessed I am as I read your list.

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Right now as I read your May list I am thankful for the amazing apricot sourdough bread that came out of the oven this morning. I hope it doesn't sound boastful but I love my own bread more than other bread - I'm eating a toasted slice as I type - I want to go and get some more but two more things...

2. Sunshine! After some really dreary days what a welcome sight.

3. Friends like you who remind to keep cultivating this act of thanksgiving - those sheets might be just what gets me into the habit of writing it all down!

Grandma said...

Hi Narn,
1. A wonderful husband & five lovely daughters
2. A handsome and kind-hearted son-in-law
3. 4 absolutely amazing, wonderful, sweet, delightful, gorgeous, loveable, cute, precious.......grandchildren

A special thanks to the Lord for them all
Lots of love
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ana Degenaar said...

What a beautiful post!
Happy Monday!

Linda Stubbs said...

Well my first is the grace that has been extended to me.......I don't know what I would to without it.

My precious family.......God knew what He was doing when he thought it up.

My garden.........putting the seed in the ground......waiting impatiently for it to peek through the ground.........amazed at how the Lord helps it grow and grow and then He gives me fruit from the that I might take it to the table and serve my family.........I never want to miss the whole process and be grateful. I sometimes do miss it......I will try to do better.

Thank you sweet Renata.......loved your are one precious young momma.....your children I am sure rise up and call you blessed.
Hugs to your day......or is it night now. Heehee
P.S.tell your sis I am having a too are invited. smile

Marsel said...

I am thankful for the slower-paced days of summer break, for early-morning walks with my husband, and for the excitement of watching our garden grow!

Ruby Jean said...

Hello Dear Friend...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your list and was blessed and could feel your joy as you seek and give thanks to the Lord...
My two things would be..

1)The comfort and strength my husband offers and his ministering to me the Word of God..

2)The Laughter of my Children..It always feels my spirit with joy..

Have a blessed week Renata...

Oh...3) would be, having met you and being able to call you friend... : )

Unknown said...

What a beautiful list!

This morning I was thankful for

1.-Keeping to our new "schedule" better than I had hoped for,

2.- For a smidgen of patience when dealing with children who were testing my sincerity in reforming our days

3.- That when our "schedule" derailed, I didn't lose anything more than a big chunk of skin from my knuckle & and that I found it in the pile of diced onions so we didn't have to eat it & that I didn't pass out at the sight of blood like I wanted to & that I found a bandage & for a son who is willing to finish rolling meatballs and doing dishes for me so I don't
waste that bandage. :D

But I think that was technically more than 3 :) ♥

Guess Who???? said...

Now narn - you do realise that mouse traps won't work on Bessie don't you??????????

Wendy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! It's nice to have people stop by!

Jill said...

hi! i'm stopping by from the link up!

i love the book one thousand gifts...and i love ann's blog, too.

my 3 blessings today:
1. healthy children
2. wonderful neighbors
3. watermelon lemonade

Eve | Inchworm Chronicles said...

Oh, I just about melted when the Anne of Green Gables music started to play when I clicked on your blog! That music just pulls me into a heart-place from my childhood! That's my first bit of gratitude, is hearing that today. Second, meeting a new friend! Thanks for visiting my blog via the She Wears Skirts link-up. Lastly, I am thankful for blogging and the internet which allows for learning and growth in neat ways like this. Have a blessed day!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful list and great pictures! Your family is lovely!

Visiting from the Multiples and More Bloghop!

debi9kids said...

amen, my dear friend.

Such a beautiful list you have started.
I LOVE this and had a giggle at some and a smile throughout :)

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Such a beautiful read!
Three things I am thankful for today-
My guys are coming home from the hayfield today!! (Missed them terribly.)
I get to see little Mr sweet cheeks again today and take him home with me for the evening.(Grandson Ian)
That the flu bug was only a 24 hour bug. And because of the bug I stayed home this week and spent precious time with my adult children. Very enjoyable. Does a mama's heart good.
Despite the hail that damamged our first crop on one of the fields that there is still good news from Him to help us through this.
That my back is doing very well so I was able to enjoy our vacation to the fullest!!
That may be more than 3. :)

Linda said...

I really miss counting my blessings or as I call them the tender graces of the day, from the novel by Jackina Stark. I just haven't been able to work out a way to blog about it again. Lovely post Renata. x

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