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Friday, June 3, 2011

Thank you!!!

We have somehow ended up contracting some horrible germs that are slowly passing from person to person through the whole family causing fevers, nausea & tiredness ( read irritability - of course not me - I'm perfect ;)  - if only everyone would stop being SO annoying.... LOL  ).  As usual it began with Dave (he brings all those germs home from work - I keep asking him to keep those nasty town germs in town - lol) & slowly, slowly it's working it's way through the rest of the family....we're over  half way now so we're on the homeward stretch although it certainly is hanging on for a good few days - I haven't had a proper dinner for days & cooking is oh so difficult - ask the poor twins who have endured sandwiches for the last however many meals.  

Sigh  5/6 has just dropped - I'm typing this around poor little Eli on my lap now.

As for these pictures - no they aren't the lasted disciplinary methods....
 or the latest gravity defying experimentation (obviously since it didn't work ). 
They aren't children's clothing tests - although I'm sure our family would be perfect test subjects - if they survive us they are worth buying!! 
They aren't the latest way of wrecking some good shorts (although definitely an effective way of doing that)....
And they aren't the latest way of adding to the child-holding capacity of the ute (although what a great idea - we could hang children - so many ways to use that one - imagine how many you could fit on the walls if you just hung them up each night instead of having beds).  

I promise I did have my camera in hand .... I have the blurry photos to prove it!

Poor old Eli just got caught climbing down from the ute tray & ended up in this unusual predicament. 


Hopefully next week we will be back to a more normal, inspiring, well thought out blog post 
(err.... actually if you were after that you'd best try one of the lovely blogs on my blog roll  ).... thanks for your patience dear friends!

Hope you all stay safe & healthy & have a wonderful weekend 
(mine will be rather quiet I suspect!)


Ruby Jean said...

Hello Renata
I am so sorry to hear that you and your family have not been feeling well...

Did you get the information I sent to you showing how to log in..???
If you need me to send it again just let me know...Or if you have any questions...

I do pray that you will be back to 110% here soon..

Blessings Your Friend

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

He he he....oh dear.

We have had the sickies here too- UCK!

Dr. Momi said...

That first picture of Eli looks like he's saying "I can't believe you're taking a picture -- help me!" (I'd be taking the picture too, lol!) Praying everyone is well soon.

Mum-me said...

Must be the time of the year for that kind of thing. (the 'germ' kind of thing, not the hanging children up kind of thing ..... although I do like the idea of hanging them up at bedtime.) Hope everyone is 100% again soon.

Cassandra-ann said...

Too funny about the photo op. We've had a few similar incidents but I've never been lucky enough to have my camera lol.
I was wondering where you had been , I was going to email you to check up on you guys yesterday but one of our naughty cows made it over to the dairy and while going to get it back we got one of the bikes stuck in the mud and then we had to draft all of them separate the trouble makers and then make the electric fence higher to hopefully keep the trouble makers in!
Anyway I hope you guys feel better soon
Cassandra xx

aunty sel said...

Hi poor little Narn,
I hope you are feeling better. And all the babies as well. Give them a hug for me...
Have a happy weekend, sometimes quiet weekends are nice.
much luv,

Amanda said...

praying that you ALL feel well soon:)

Marsel said...

I'm sorry you've all been sick but these pictures are great -- it's fun to see plain old "real life", too!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Awww..get well prayers sent from the other side of the world, Renata!

Ana Degenaar said...

Oh no! poor little one!

Jenn said...

Nice of you to capture that for us! Too Funny! Hope you all get to feeling better soon!

Quinn said...

Well that's a shame! I hope you're all back in tip-top shape very soon :)

How fortunate that you had your camera on you! I always seem to miss things like that!

Joanne said...

Great post Renata! It brings back memories of when my son tried to climb over a fence and his shorts got caught! I was laughing so hard, I could barely help to free him! Thanks for sharing :)
Joanne xo

Rachel~ At the Butterfly Ball said...

Hi Renata! Sorry to hear that you and yours have been feeling poorly, I hope everyone feels better soon! I've been offline for a while and am just now catching up on everyone's blog posts. Praying for you guys for a quick recovery and a good home cooked dinner;-)

Smilie girl said...

Hope you are feeling better.
Funny fellows.
I saw Dr G speak last weekend on TTTS. I always give thanks for your boys when that topic comes up. Monica says hello. Her twins are doing well too.

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