32 random things you never knew about Renata :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In celebration of my recent birthday (can you guess how old I was??) I decided to once again share in list form about myself.  I hope you enjoy getting to know me a little more :)

1.  I'm an optimist ~ there's not much that will knock me flat & I don't stay there for very long if it does!

2.  I love pretty things ~ especially in creation (you can probably guess this from my blog)!  

3.  When I was a girl I couldn't wait to grow taller than my mother so she couldn't tell me what to do ~ I'm still shorter than she is!

4.  Our boys names all come from the Bible ( surprised ? ~ no, I don't use their real names on here), however our daughters' name comes from a cookbook ~ she's a tad disappointed about that.

5.  I've always been a Christian since I can remember, but I'm always amazed at how I've grown through various times & different trials & I know that I still have so much to learn!  I love that God takes the time to care enough about this insignificant woman to want to mold my character to be more like Jesus.

6.  We recently purchased a Wiii (ebay - of course) ~ I've been having so much fun on the Wiii Fit & have to do it each day to get my stamp:)  I'm not going to tell you my Wiii fit age, but let's just say it was older than I am, but younger than I was expecting!

7.  We lovingly refer to our home as the "ebay house" ~ our 'new' kitchen & a lot of the furniture were all purchased through ebay!

8.  I've never been brave enough to sell on ebay ~ I have a shelf full of things that need to be sold, but I always chicken out.  I think I need to send the things to the op shop soon!

9.  I married an aircraft engineer who was infatuated from birth with aeroplanes.  I have three sons who are well, let's just say "plane crazy"  however I hate flying because I get terribly air sick.

10. I have found the best way to make sure I organize my praying for those I want to ~ which includes you guys~ I'll share it soon!

11. I often wish I could change my blog alias to something a little more unusual ~ the singing farmgirl ~ Aussie farmgirl ~ something like that, but I just couldn't be bothered going through & changing it all!

12. I love to garden ( can you guess??) but I kill at least half of the things I plant ~ seems I don't have as much of a green thumb as I wish ~ of course to overcome this I plant many, many plants in the hopes that some of them will live :)

13.  I've planted 26 tomato plants so far this spring & I have more that I'm growing from seeds ~ hopefully it means lots of tomatoes over summer.

14.  My husband thinks I have a seed fetish ~ I tell him that at least it's cheaper than a shoe fetish :) I promise I am planting them all!

15.  I have a list of 16 topics I intend to blog about ~ I wonder if I will get through before the end of the year?

16.  I got the dirtiest present this year for my birthday ~ that's right 4 cubic metres of dirt for the new garden beds (also bird netting & sprinkler systems ~ isn't my husband romantic ??? Actually I asked for help with the garden as my gift).

17.  I love home schooling, but I must admit I am currently thoroughly enjoying the spring holidays!  It's been so busy, but finally this week I have the chance to sit around & write here ( & the internet is finally reconnected after a storm took the power, phone line & cooked the modem last week!)

18.  Dave has now officially been around (as "special friend" or husband)  for over half my life!

19.  I hate sitting still for very long ( wonder where the kids get that from?)  One of the reasons radiography suited me as a profession was that I didn't have to sit around all day ~ motherhood suits that as well :)

20.  I have to read to get to sleep each night ( & not the computer ~ it just makes me more awake).  I am currently reading a book on organisation by Sandra Fulton ~ I highly recommend her books.

21.  I'm not sure upon reading it if I'm a messie or not~ my house is never perfectly tidy, but I absolutely hate clutter & piles everywhere, so there isn't much of that around ~ & I don't tend to hang onto things too long (unless I'm going to sell them on ebay). Hmmm...

22.    I never, ever in my life imagined I'd give birth to twins ~ I always thought Ellie would because it's in Dave's line, but not myself ~ I still hope she does :)

23.  My sister gave me a book by "The Amish cook" ~ I'm thoroughly enjoying it & hope to try some recipes before long.

24.  I  have read the google previews of the other three Amish cook books on  Book Depository!

25.  I love the Amish ~ even though truthfully what little I know about them has come from novels or blogs ~  there aren't any over here in Australia ~ I wonder if I'd be disappointed if I ever went to see their true lifestyle?

26.  I am so glad that God decided to give me a daughter.  I love everything girlie & sharing it with her! I love doing her hair & dressing her up pretty!

27.  We visited Floriade at Canberra again this year ( it really is beautiful), however we rushed through as the Lifeline Book Sale was on that day as well!

28.  I have had my parents & 2 sisters visiting at different times over the last three weeks ~ it's been wonderfully fun & I thoroughly enjoyed their holidays.

29.  I've found it so important to pray about upcoming visits ~ some  are great & others not so great ~ I now pray that they will each be times of bonding & relationship building!

30.  Once upon a time when asked I would say I preferred cows, now after real life experience I'm totally a sheep girl (although don't tell Bessy ~ I still love her ~ even if she is naughty)

31.  I froze the bird.  Yep it's true I'm guilty ~ it was in our first year here & I didn't realize how cold it got outside at nighttime.

 32. In the latest Gardening Australia is a picture taken by yours truly ~  I took it on my neighbors' behalf!

Have a wonderful day dear friends


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Hi Renata - enjoyed reading your list. I was tempted to buy an Amish cookbook the other week but decided I had enough cookbooks and opted for one called 'Amish Peace' Simple Wisdom for a Complicated World'. On our trip North from Sydney about 10 years ago I remember seeing a sign for Amish crafts in a tiny little town off the Pacific Highway - can't remember the name of the town just regret not stopping there! So maybe there is an Amish family here in Australia. I had to smile at 'killing the bird'. The number of times I have forgotten to bring in the bird cage at night, thankfully doesn't get that cold here. I did kill all the fish in my son's tank once - a little girl visiting us had a little 'accident' on the floor of our dining room. The no 2 variety - the smell was horrendous so I sprayed air freshener around to mask the odour. Next morning all the fish were floating! Haven't used any 'toxic' air freshener since that time!

Smilie girl said...

Happy birthday Renata! Enjoy getting down and dirty with your gardening things. Hope you get to enjoy many yummy tomatoes.
As to your point about not being able to sit still, I know that it's true in regards to your previous career :)
Congratulations too on getting a photo published!

Selina said...

Hi Narn,
Lovely to see you online again!! So glad you like the book, I enjoyed reading it before I gave it to you ;-)
I enjoy both seeds and shoes - is it alright to have a fetish for both??? Oh well, I don't have to justify my spending habits to anyone (except God).
Well, I survived another lot of nightshift, and the only real ditzy thing I did was leave Rachy's food out overnight so it is full of ants....that's not as bad as freezing you poor children's pet bird to death...
Looking forward to seeing how you organise your prayer.
Much luv,

Mum-me said...

I enjoyed reading your list and I hope you get to blog about your 16 subjects before the end of the year - it's always interesting reading about Sunnyside Farm. And I am very envious of your trip to Floriade. I am missing it for the first time in 9 years! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photo.

abba12 said...

On the topic of the Amish, I have always found them intriguing, but my romanticised view was ruined when I watched 'Trouble in Amish Paradise' a documentary that is uploaded in full to youtube, just do a search for the title. There is also Leaving Amish Paradise, a sequal, but much more focused on the main families than the amish culture. I'd highly recomend watching it. I now find myself praying for them to see the truth and leave the community, though the conservative simple lifestyle need not be exclusive to those officially amish.

I look forward to hearing more about your farm and family!

Rachel~ At the Butterfly Ball said...

Happy Birthday Renata! I so enjoy reading about you and your lives there at Sunnyside.

While I was pregnant with Claire we had Amish neighbours, and Rodrigo worked with a crew of Amish men. The folks we knew had lifestyles just exactly like you have probably read about in the novels. They were wonderful simple living people, who worked hard and really valued their families.

Thanks for your prayers and sweet comments about the baby. He is doing great.

P.S. I went to the post office to see if they could help figure out what had happened to the package I sent you. They were no help at all. I'm sorry this happened, maybe it'll still arrive?!

goatldi said...

Great, wonderful, lovely! Weren't you just 31? HAPPY HIPPOS TO U!

debi9kids said...

Happy 32nd Birthday! (or, I'm guessing :)

(you're just a spring chicken!)

I have SO missed reading your blog. It always makes me smile.

The Amish... they are here in PA very near to where I live and I will say, I find them fascinating and I'm sure you would as well.
And, their recipes: fabulous!

Frizzy said...

Happy Belated Birthday. I loved learning those facts about you and your family. Hugs!

Amanda said...

oh my gracious.
it was SO,so nice getting to know you better!

What a great Idea. I'm 32 and have a birthday coming up soon too...

Its also nice to see a photo of you as well;-)

Its been fun catching up with you.

Take care,


Nikki said...

Happy Birthday to you.I enjoyed visiting your blog today.My husband visited Australia once.It sounds beautiful.

Grandma said...

Hello Narn,
It was lovely to talk with you the other day, and read your 32 things too. Looking forward to seeing how you keep your prayer life organized! Please share that one soon!
I tried 2 of the recipes off the Mennonite Girls site - the Ham & Cheese Loaf was amazing, amazing, amazing - looked and tasted great. I did substitute semi-dried tomatoes for the dill pickles, but that's it. I also did an asparagus dish from there and it was very nice. If you go to print any recipes out, just clickk on the print friendly button, and then click on any pictures to get rid of them (unless of course you want pictures).

Lovely to see the photo from the yabbying trip! Has anyone caught any yet there (or have just the ducks?)

Reflecting on your knowing Dave for over half your life, I just realized I've known dad for over 2/3 of my life (how scary is that!) In fact it's only a couple of years and I'll have been married for 2/3 of my life - maybe I'll adopt the twins' age for me as my age ;-)

Hope you have an amazingly wonderful week, where our Lord continues to work both in and through you. give all the darlings a massive hug.

Love you lots

Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

the happy sparrow said...

hey Renata!! happy happy birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful day! also, going to homeschool Noah next year! I'm excited! Thankyou for you lovely encouraging words and here is to another wonderful year for you and your family with our Saviour,
Love Martine

Quinn said...

A very belated & happy birthday to you Renata! You've got only about six months on me! I loved reading your list and getting to know you better. ♥

Gayle @ TrainingOlives said...

Happy (late) birthday to you, friend! I tried to comment on your video post because we just LOVED hearing all of you here as you tried the eel, but it wouldn't let me. That was so fun!

I wanted to tell you that I grew up around the Amish, and I don't think you would be disappointed at all! They are wonderful people, and MAN, can they cook! My Grandmother came from Mennonite descent (a form of Amish) and I still reap the benefits of it.

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