Mud, mud, mud ~ & we couldn't be happier...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Spring has brought with it the much needed rains that winter deprived us of.  Slowly, as day after day  passes our solid ground becomes more liquid, our grasses appear greener & the gardens & crops sit straighter drinking in the nourishing goodness so they can transfer it straight to nutrients ~ to eventually feed us ~ as is the cycle so perfectly made by our Creator!

And we join with our friends & neighbours in thanking God for this long awaited rains that has transformed the year from that of dread to anticipation of another successful crop.  Sure there are many factors & the crops are not in the bag just yet, but we can smile that maybe, maybe there may be enough to cover their costs & possibly even give them a bit of an income to begin to pay for the terrible ten years of drought that recently wracked this area.  The soaking of pastures, now able to produce good feed for each animal that relies so heavily on it for life!

Every drop, every ml, every inch ~ a gift from a Life Giving God ! The Creator who knew exactly what we needed & although we thought He waited too late ~ gave just as the crops began to stress.

The garden is soggy, the grass is all wet & my skirt sticks to my ankles as I go about my daily tasks, yet I couldn't help but smile (& maybe, maybe even dance a little ~ but don't tell ~ my only audience is a single lamb & a few unimpressed hens who go about their own business unaffected) because the smell, the feel, the joy of a rain soaked land is enchanting, enthralling!!

Joining Amy once again in:


Rejoicing today!


Smilie girl said...

Mud, mud, glorious mud!

Selina said...

Hi Narn,
Sounds like your happy as a pig in mud!!
I am tired, too much work, not enough play...
Have fun, and give all the little ones a hug for me,

goatldi said...

Yes wonderful rain! Such a blessing!

Quinn said...

So glad that you're getting all the mud you want! May it feed your seedlings well! :)

Grandma said...

I could imagine you dancing around in the rain - at least you don't have anyone thinking you're too strange. Lovely to see how things are picking up too, and hopefully the tanks are filling too!

Give all a wonderful hug,
Lots of love,
mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Beautiful spring rain...such promise for the summer growing!

Gayle @ TrainingOlives said...

I hope and pray that this year is rich with fruit and harvest for all of you, dear!

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